Grey Gardens

  1. Has anyone seen this documentary/movie Grey Gardens? I read an article on Harpers or somewhere and was so intrigued that I had to order the dvd. I watched it today and loved it! The bitterness of little Edie and her use of scarfs and clothing, the story telling, their humour and singing, just so charming albeit eccentric. What did you think?

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  2. I am OBSESSED with Grey Gardens. I watch it over and over -it is one of the greatest pieces of film I have ever seen!
    From around the '50s until her death, "Little" Edie always wore scarves, due to her allopecia. Like her clothing, I imagine most of her scarves came from her cousins Mrs. Onassis and Princess Radziwill. If you notice, she often wore skirts upside-down, belting the bottom of the skirt around her waist. Mrs. Onassis was much narrower through the hips and Edie couldn't wear them conventionally.
    I am wondering if anyone can identify any of her scarves as being Hermes?
  3. I want to see both the original film and the new one with drew barrymore... i'm so intrigued by stories like this.
  4. The version on HBO last night (with Drew Barrymore) was phenomenal. I highly recommend it.
  5. I'm glad to hear this! Thank you. I dvr'd it, and will watch today.
  6. I don't get HBO and sadly i gave up my netflix account months ago :sad:
  7. I am also obsessed with the documentary. I have been watching it all weekend. At first I was intrigued by the house, but after watching it I love Little Edie. I think she is fabulous.

    I can't get enough of Little Edie. I feel sorry for her, but at the same time I think that she would be mortified if she knew that people felt sorry for her. She is trapped. I know that living with my mother for 20 years would drive me mad. I have watched it so many times and I have so many questions and observations.

    I hate that I am about to say this, but you can watch the documentary on Youtube.

    I don't have HBO and I am seriously thinking about getting it this week so that I can watch the movie.
  8. You will not be sorry. Even my husband liked it. ;)

    MickMick, Thanks for the youtube tip. Since watching the movie, I've been dying to see the documentary.
  9. It was very strange, I'd like to see the original documentary.
  10. It was strange, but haunting. I couldn't stop thinking about it the next day. I too would like to see the original documentary.
  11. I saw the original 1975 documentary once on sundance and was captivated. It was so strange and intriguing. I didn't know exactly what I was watching but I wanted to see more of those women.

    I didn't know the new movie was going to be on HBO, for some reason I thought it would be in theatres. I'm going to keep my eye out for it now. I definitely want to see it.
  12. The movie was good... It was better than I expected it would be.
    I love watching people like this. I honestly couldn't care less about Brad Pitt and the like but I love obscure people throughout history. So interesting!
  13. same here.

    Today I watched the youtube version of the documentary. Little Edie is captivating.
  14. I've seen the documentary. It's absolutely fascinating. I don't know why they made a movie out of it. The documentary is far better and real.
  15. Can anyone tell me if it will be shown on hbo anytime today or tomarrow? I'm at a hotel with hbo and would love to catch it if I could one of these nights