Grey Boots?

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  1. Okay, so I am in need of your expertise! What do you guys think of grey boots, in general? Wearable, practical, cute? I am thinking of buying a pair from aldo, but I'm not sure if they are cute or if they wierd looking, also, I'm not sure how I'd incorporate them with my wardrobe. Any tips, ideas, or advice would be appreciated.

    What do you guys think?

    PS I have the same pair in black, and LOVE them, super comfortable and cute, I'm just not sure of the color of these... Help!

    Edit Sorry if the pic doesn't work, here is the actual link.
  2. I LOVE grey boots! I have two pairs. I personally don't love THOSE grey ones. I like them in black, but somehow the grey just doesn't do it for me.

    But if you love them, get them! if you don't LOVE them, then they are not the boots for you.
  3. Thanks bluejinx for replying. I am still unsure about them, I just don't know what I would wear with them. With my black ones, I wear them with skinny jeans and they look great, I'm just not sure the grey color would look as good with jeans.. I'm in such a pickle.
  4. Those are fabulous, you could wear them with anything!
  5. Well I'm not a fan of that style, but I wear gray boots with just about any outfit that I would wear black boots with :smile: I do think they look better with dark wash jeans though!
  6. Nola Thank you, that is reassuring!

    trueshoelove2 Thanks for your honest reply. I actually like the style of these boots, its just the color that I'm skeptical about. I just don't know how well these particular ones would look with jeans and what not..

    Please keep your opinions coming, I appreciate honesty!!
  7. i love grey boots, but when purchasing them for myself i tend to keep them more simple than that ones you have chosen. they are great boots and i love them in black, but i'm honestly not feeling the grey in this style. just my opinion, i'm sure if/when you purchase them you will come up with ways to make them look perfect with cute outfits.
  8. I actually think the grey pair you chose are really great! There was a recent thread on just this subject. I replied with a few pics of different celebs wearing grey boots, and they DID pair them with dark blue skinny jeans and they looked great. I think it looks especially good when paired with something else grey--such as scarf or gloves just to sort of pull the whole look together. If you do that, I think grey looks good with just about anything you wear black with. I say go for it!! Check out the earlier thread...
  9. flashy.stems Thanks for your honesty :smile: and the vote of confidence that I could rock them if/when I get them... still undecided

    Zita Thanks for posting the thread, I didn't know there was one. :shrugs: lol, but anyways, your styling tips helped too, I think I'm leaning a bit more to getting them..Oh, btw, I like your blogs, I'm a sucker for cool boots!

    I love my black ones they're so comfy and I think the grey would just mix things up a bit..
  10. I LOVE grey boots. I just bought myself a pair and I've been wearing them with darker jeans, as everyone else has suggested - I really like them with black jeans.
  11. Thanks skyfire1982 for your styling tips

    You guys are seriously pushing me to think that I could get them and rock them... :P
  12. I looked at those again today, and I think they're really growing on me :smile: I agree with skyfire, I think that style would look good with black jeans since they're edgier looking! And the gray ones are on sale :smile:
  13. Grey boots are great esp with jeans in Spring or Summer (I like tan ones too)
  14. I would do gray slouchy boots :biggrin:
  15. trueshoelove2 lol, thats how I was at first especially with my black ones, I thought they were weird looking, but they do really grow on you.. I'd have to go out and buy black jeans since I currently don't own any..

    papertiger Thats what I was thinking, these boots would be better for summer, since they aren't as dark and wouldn't be as warm as my black ones..

    Mininana I'd def. have to find the perfect slouch boots, since I prefer structered edgy boots.

    Thanks for all the honest replies, Keep 'em coming!! If it makes a difference, I'm a senior in high school... Don't know if that will sway your opinion since I'm young.