Gretta Luxe update! Bbags in stock!

  1. Hi!

    Just got back from Gretta Luxe in Wellsley, MA.

    They have:

    White work- great leather!!!

    Sapin- day bag, work -great leather w/no veins...loved it in the day!

    Blueberry- first, city, work- the leather had no veins but felt like wax

    Oxblood/Grenat- work and city

    Truffle- work ( maybe city style- can't remember!)

    Caramel- day- really pretty!!! Great leather with no veins!

    Courier- black

    Toilet case- black- very cool!!! Big and great for travel!

    Compagnon- black- zip

    Compagnon- truffle w/ snap closure

    coin purses- rouge vif, blueberry (I think) and 2 other colors- I can't remember!

    oval (clutch)- lilac
  2. Nice! Thanks for the update!
  3. thanks! Do you know how much the coin purses are?
  4. I didn't ask! I know the toilet case was $575.00! It was so big! It was like 2 cases attached!
  5. Caramel Day.......that would be the S/06 Camel, right?

    Thanks for the update!
  6. Did you get a courier?
  7. Glimmer- Yes- and it was so pretty!!! I loved it!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!

    Chi- no courier- although I do like it in the black! I think I'm getting an emerald courier and if that doesn't work out I think I'm going to get the Sapin.
  8. Thank you for the info! I guess now I am feeling lucky I bought my Blueberry First when I did; the leather on that bag is awesome.
  9. That's great Becca- the blueberry is a very pretty color but the ones they had at Gretta Luxe felt really waxy- I guess this is a color you would need to buy in person b/c the leather varies!
  10. No rouge????
  11. Hi Jayge!!! No- no rouge vif!!! Only one coin purse.
  12. oh goody, Becca-girl, i'm so happy you're keeping your little blueberry :tender:
  13. zacorey - the black courier is nice. Glad to see you have ready-access to one! The sapin leather seems nice everywhere. Interesting.

    I just called Aloha Rag trying to figure out their Courier situation in case I wait too long and need to buy one from them....they are only ordering Griege, Black and White in the a/w 06 colors :wtf: ....not too interesting....however, they have a BUNCH of s/s06 colors left, emerald, ecru / striped, rouille and some neutrals (I don't remember which neutrals)...but they still have EMERALD!

    I asked (of course) if these were on sale and, no. Still full price. :sad: I asked her when they might go on sale and she said 'not sure, but later, if at all'.

    So much for that idea, but at least there are still those choices. Good luck with your decision. :upsidedown:
  14. Wow, NO rouge vif?!