Greige Day left anywhere???

  1. Anyone know if one is left out there?

  2. I know of a gently used griege first, if you are interested.:tup:
  3. well, i didn't want to start a new thread since i knew it had been started before. i know it's a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to ask right? :yes:
    let me know.
  4. Have you tried BalNY? I know that I was probably just extremely lucky, but I purchased a brand new 06 Grenat City from them that they still had in stock just a few weeks ago.
  5. i emailed them and am waiting for a response. i truly hope so.
  6. Good Luck!! Let us know if they respond!!
  7. I saw a Greige courier at Barney's in Beverly Hills earlier this week.
  8. There was a new greige city on e*ay last week, I don't think it sold, so if you can't find the Day, perhaps look up completed listings and see if you'd settle for the City.
  9. wiggligirl, i too say the courier and that got me started thinking about the day.

    amiekbs8, i am still keeping my options open on that. will search for the city.
  10. Perhaps email some of the reputable re-sellers (eg & and tell them that if one comes in to let you know?

    Theres a better chance of finding one through them IMO.
  11. that's what i was thinking too. thanks fashion-cult.