Greetings from Paris and pls help me decide what I should get

Sep 28, 2007
Hello from the ever lovely city of lights where I'm currently unable to sleep. So, I'm thinking about my trip to Hermes tomorrow and what I should ask for. What should I get next? I think I really want blue. I'm obsessed with BOX, and definitely want gold hardware for this one.
My current H inventory (in case it's helpful) consists of 1 35 black birkinwith PH togo , 1 35 Gold birkin clemence with GH , 1 30 orange swift with PH birkin and 1 black box kelly with GH (listed in order of acquistion). I love them all, but use them differently. Black and Gold 35s are my work and travel bags (winter and summer colors). The orange is my weekend bag because it's less big and heavy though I sometimes feel the orange is too bright/flashy for me, so I think my next 30 cm birkin bag should be more subtle/neutral. I love my kelly, but use it rarely as it's more dressy (Sellier, box), harder to get in an out of, and I worry about the box getting wet.
I think I want another 30 (though I like the look of a 35 birkin better proportion wise on my 5'7" frame, the 30 holds everything I need for a weekend bag). I really want box, but since I worry more about my swift birkin's durability, think I should go for something less fragile. My weekends can involve time at playground and sticky fingered little ones, so dark and durable is probably best. But box is lighter, right? which would be maybe I could do a 35 in a (a darkish shade of ) blue box leather, will it be lighter than my togo/clemence bags? or maybe I should get a 30 in togo. Would love a contrast piping/interior bag. Also toyed with the idea of a bigger, more casual kelly, but then I'll still have the getting in/getting out issue. I quite like the trims, too, but I don't love them as I do birkins and kellys, and while they are less expensive, nicely discrete, and allow for hands free, I think I'm only going to feel I got my H money's worth if I get a Birkin or Kelly.

suggestions welcome. sorry to ramble. especially when the H gods at FSH will no doubt determine my fate for me (but I've been lucky enough to get to order my gold birkin and BBK, both times I knew exactly what I wanted, so hope I may get lucky again and be able to order, but I'll need to know what to ask for!) thank you!


Aug 26, 2007
It sounds like you want a bag that could be used in the daytime during the week and also the weekend. How about a Bolide, which would round out your collection and is very easy to get in and out of? Or a Lindy, which is a younger style and nicely casual (It is not clear what style your orange bage is). If you think the orane is a bit bright and you tend to like neutrals (I lik neutrals for bags, too), better be careful with the blues or pick one of the darker, more neutral blues. Everytime I buy a color other than neutral, I love them in the store or on this forum but find I do not carry them as much and find them harder to put together with outfits. So if you go the neutral route, something like etoupe or a lighter beige--or rouge H or raising or prune, which care "colors" but somehow more neutral.


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Jun 24, 2008
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Oh~~ Paris~~ wish I were there ...... have fun and enjoy your stay!!

Now onto the more important issue.... box is definitely lighter, but since you said you are dealing with little ones... how do you feel about scratches on your bags? If you are all right with it, then by all means go for a box birkin! I'm not sure which blue is offered in box leather tho..... Rouge H would be a lovely alternative and Raisin also comes in box I believe.

Good luck and hope you will find something that's just PERFECT for you!!


Feb 1, 2007
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Ah, Paris...

For the purposes you stated, you could get a retourne Kelly and use the shoulder strap messenger style and keep it open for ease. A totally different look than the sellier, IMO.

If you have your heart set on a Birkin, a 30 would be wonderful in any leather, really, because the weight (whether actual or just distribution) feels very light to me, even in clemence or togo.

I think you should go for either of these styles with togo or clemence in prune or raisin. That would really round out your collection and serve your needs at the same time.

I like the suggestion of a Bolide but that all depends if you like that style or not.



Jul 6, 2009
Audrey, what about something red? I know you said you favor neutrals, but to me, red IS neutral. It goes with everything, it's different from what you have, and Rouge H and Rouge Vif are more neutral than vermillion and Rouge garrance and not as "in your face" as the orange that you have.

You and I are bag twins, as I also have a 35 Togo Black with PWH, and carry it everywhere :smile:

Good luck with your hunt and let us know what you find!


Sep 24, 2008
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Sounds like 30 cm birkin in Togo would be perfect. It's durable and also holds its shape well with just the right amount of softness where you need it. But it seems like you're sort of torn between Togo and Box. If that case, if your heart is leaning towards Box, then you should go for it. As far as color goes, may I suggest something like Etoupe in Togo or Raisin in Box. Good Luck with your decision.


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
CHARTREUSE!!! When I was there in Jan, they had a nice selection of various styles in chartreuse. It's the most wonderful color! It goes with just about everything. I got a Picotin. Millstone has a chartreuse Birkin and I think Irishlass also has a Picotin in chartreuse. It's more neutral than vert anis but still gives a little pop of color.

Have a caramel macaroon for me and enjoy your time in Paris!!!


Jun 24, 2007
How about a 30, epsom in raisin? Neutral, light, in the blue famlily, don't need to baby the leather, and adds a cool color to your collection. Good luck! And let us know how it goes... :smile:
Sep 28, 2007
merci a tous! I did not get to FSH while it was open today (lots oF time in the tuileries with my son) so will try tomorrow. The rouge suggestions are interesting and there are several gorgeous shades that come in box...I love the photos of other members' raisin bags, but I'm not quite a purple person myself. Depending on how they look in real life, a bleu sapphire or bleu roi or bleu de france or bleu abysse (if any are available now) would no doubt make my heart sing. For those who were wondering about the orange 30, it's a birkin, too. The bolides are quite nice but don't excite me the way birkins and kellys do. Basically, while I completely recognize the benefits of hands free bags and have several nonH ones, nothing makes me as happy as carrying a birkin, so I think that's going to be my goal. And, if there's box in a color I like, I'll probably have to snap it up even if it's not practical! I can handle scratches and am excited for patina. I just can't promise to never get caught in a rain storm!The charteuse idea is also good, but green bags are not for me--silly because I saw a friend with a beautiful chatreuese bag and loved it..she looked so chic and it was a great neutral. My favorite colors are blues, reds (more blue tinged than yellow) and pinks. Do you think I should just get a black 30 birkin if I can find it? Even thoguh I already have a black, it would be lighter. I appreciate everyone's good wishes. It's such a magical city for me. I have not yet had maccaronsn, but have had delicous sea salt caramels and a meringue.


Jan 29, 2007
Good luck in your search. Can't wait to hear what you find at FSH or George V. Have a wonderful time in Paris.


Feb 27, 2007
sounds to me like you want another birkin 30. maybe not black since you already have the 35 black but you might change your mind if it's black box! please don't get caught in rain with box because i hear it will ruin it (unless you treat with doc's b+o treatment - search threads). i'm hoping you find your special birkin. it sounds like you want blue! hope you find it!!! if not, sweet talk an SA to take down your order. have a great time in paris!!! btw, i'm not a purple person either but recently fell in love with raisin with ghw.


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Jul 13, 2007
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Have a wonderful time in Paris!! Hope you find the blue you're looking for...raisin would make a great neutral too!
I got my raisin with phw in Paris a couple of weeks ago.....I have not put that baby down hardly - use her constantly. And honestly raisin goes with EVERYTHING..... obviously blacks, purples, greens, creams - it is a really neutral colour.

Good luck in Paris - I still have beautiful memories of purchasing my birkin - will have forever.