*greetings fellow addicts....*

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  1. hi everyone! just a newbie saying hello! :flowers:
    im a big fan of the purseblog! now im trying to get addicted to the forum instead! :p
    anyways, most of my bags are LV's but i do have some balenciaga, gucci etc but LV is always 1st in my list!

    and also i would like to welcome another piece to add to my collection which is the suhali silver zippy wallet! i fell in love with it coz it's so shiny :shame:
    i will post up photos of my collection soon! till then :flowers:

  2. Welcome to TPF! :smile: The suhali silver zippy is gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. nice
  4. welcome to the forum :tup:
  5. Welcome and congrats on your new babie. She is beautiful!!!:flowers:
  6. oooh its gorgeous!! love it! cant wait to see the rest of your collection!
  7. welcome! that wallet it gorgeous! is that your griet in your pic? love that too!
  8. ~WeLComE bagboy84~ I Love your Suhali, I've been eyeing the brown one:yes:
  9. thanks for the compliments!

    thanks! yeah thts my griet:shame:
  10. Welcome and congrats on ur wallet.
  11. Hi and welcome to tPF ... great wallet!
  12. welcome!! Congrats!!
  13. Yes welcome to TPF!
  14. Congrats! I haven't seen it in silver and I LUV it!
  15. welcome! and congrats on your wallet!