*Green Boogie...Avocado or Congo Green???

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  1. Hi All, havent been here in a while. My latest pbsession is a green Boogie Bucket. Problem is I cant decide between Avocado Green (which is fab) or Congo Green.
    Can you please help me decide? Thank you.
  2. Well, our resident Tano Green Expert is definitely Knasarae!!!! :nuts:

    I personally find the congo green a little more vibrant....

    however....avocado is more fall...

    I'm just thrilled to death that you are getting a Boogie! :love:
  3. Wow, this is super hard. BUT, I would have to go with the Congo Green. It's such a rich, deep emerald. I've seen both the Avocado and Congo Green in person. I guess maybe it depends on whether you want a lighter or darker green? I think both can be worn year round. But personally I'd choose the Congo.
  4. just ordered the avocado cuz it's my favorite color (even though I have a lawn green FN and they are very close greens) but I too have been oogling that Congo and almost bought one. Cjour lowered the price of hers a bit on evilbay...
  5. I see the avocado as year round and the congo as strictly winter... just MO.
  6. I think I like the congo green better for year round although I would wear either year round. I also think the congo would fit with more wardrobe colors.
  7. I have not seen either IRL but think I would prefer the avocado! I love more muted, olivey greens! But both are gorgeous so you really can't go wrong! GL deciding!
  8. I prefer the congo but I always prefer cooler shades than warmer ones!
  9. I'm so in love with the congo green in pictures but I doubt you can go wrong with either color!
  10. LOVE the congo green! I special ordered it from LB-should be here in Nov. For my wardrobe, congo works. Depends on your wardrobe and what you have predominant (warm tones, cool tones). The congo looks like it will go with both warm and cool (brown trim, and neutral jungle green) and the avocado looks like it will do the same.
  11. I prefer Congo green and plan to wear it year round. I think it depends if you want a lighter, more dusty green or a deep emerald green. Can't go wrong either way imo!
  12. Both colors are really gorgeous. I would go with the avocado...but, that's just me. It's more muted and it might be more versatile...I see it as a year round color.
  13. I think both are versatile but I'm biased since my favorite color in the world is GREEN

    Just a general question for all the boogiers out there (esp. Voodoo since you have a wide variety of Tanos (love all your photos)) how is the feel of the strap? Meaning does it slide off easily? Does it eventually form to the body since its stiffer than most straps? I would hate to purchase something and have it constantly slip off my shoulders.
  14. I have four Boogies and find them to be very comfy. I have no problem with them slipping off my shoulder. The strap is kinda stiff when you first get it though. Most people recommended putting some stuff in it and hanging it from a doorknob....it does the trick!
  15. KTDLR, the Boogie has the perfect strap. It's wide and it has a suede bottom so there is absolutely zero slippage. I've never ever had an instance where my Boogie has slipped off my shoulder.

    The strap is a bit stiff to start but the fastest way to break it in is to carry your new Boogie for about 5-7 days and when you are not carrying the bag hang her from a doorknob with all of your stuff inside. :yes: She'll be broken in before you know it.

    I know it's no secret but the Boogie is just as close to perfect as a bag can be IMHO.... the strap is a big part of the reason why.... very secure, non-slip strap. :heart: