grechen's goodies

  1. [​IMG]

    1. anna corrina lotus tote
    2. botkier large steel trigger
    3. chloe paddington camera bag
    4. juicy fluff
    5. gustto large parina in caramel
    6. begeren venice hobo
  2. Great collection! I love the color of your gustto bag!
  3. what is that on earth?
  4. I like the gustto large parina.
  5. [​IMG]

    1. mj quilted patent ursula in blush
    2. anna corrina mini city tote in rust
    3. andrew marc madison hobo
    4. hayden harnett havana hobo in tweed
    5. chloe (don't remember the style name)
    6. moschino C&C
    7. jas mb
    8. kate spade
  6. I love the variety of styles and brands!!:nuts:

    I should hop on over to get one of those mini city bags from Anna Corinna!! I love them!!
  7. Love the color on that Botkier, really beautiful!
  8. nice
  9. Love your collection ... very well rounded! Definitely loving that AC mini city tote ... I've been lusting for one forever!
  10. wow, what a variety.. lovely collection.. thanks for sharing with us..
  11. Very nice!
  12. Digging your gustto large parina in caramel! Thanks for sharing, your bag collection rocks!
  13. Great collection Gretchen.
  14. FABULOUS collection!!!! I'm drooling over your gustto bag so much!:heart: :drool: :heart: You have great taste!!!!!!!
  15. I LOVE your coleection! So many different styles, shapes, brands and colors...its a diverse bag collection!