Greatest find ever! Playground Tan Campeggio-$32.50

  1. Yeah you heard me! A friend of mine works at a high end thrift store and called me when someone brought it in. He placed it on hold for me and when I came down to see the bag it was a Playground tan campeggio and it was only $32.50! There was no rips or worn out-perfect! The only thing missing was a qee, but I have an extra I can slap on there!

    This is the second find I have found from this thrift store! Also got a Lamore gioco for only $70 from there! I can't believe it!!

    you lucky lucky duck! :smile: i'm so jealous!! :smile:

    that is a beautiful bag. enjoy!!!
  3. Congrats that is a sweeeeeeeeeeeet deal!! :love: Beautiful bags!!
  4. Oh wow :wtf: ... You are so lucky... I would kill for a Playground Campeggio. I mean it. Who do you hate? lol j/k... hehe :sneaky:
  5. OMG!!! You are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!! Great buys!!!! I luv your Tan Playground Campeggio!!!!!!!!! Where is the thrift store??
  6. its in arizona..called buffalo exchange
  7. I wish I'm living in the States.. Lol... Do let us know if you come across anymore great deals..
  8. i'm so jealous that it hurts :cry:

    congratulations though :love:
  9. Holy cow! I go to the Buffalo Ex where I live all the time, and I can definitely say this is a great find. I am EXTREMELY jealous! Congrats on a great find!
  10. very pretty...congrats on the awesome find!!!
  11. I need to start going to Buffalo Exchange, haha. Awesome find!
  12. I want it....where did you say you lived again? J/K :drool:

    Nice Cibomatto!! I remember when you got the gioco from are sooo lucky to have a friend that works there. If you ever get wind of another toki bag that comes up there that you are not interested in...lemme know!! Lol!
    :nuts: (I can dream right?)
  13. wow! awesome the placement too! congrats:biggrin:
  14. That's an amazing find !! It pays to have connections ! :graucho:
  15. wow that is wonderful! it reminds me when i found an authentic coach messenger bag practically new at a thrift store for $6!!!!!!!!!!