Great thanks for RM new strap order.

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  1. Me and a group of girls on another online fashion forum, we requested a group order of elisha straps before x mas, but we didn't make the final decision of order until after new year. After several communication with Codi, and Alissa, even they already stated they didn't accept strap orders any more, they STILL take our orders!!!!!!! We had 17 straps ordered of different colors!!!!!!
    Great thanks to Alissa and Codi!!!!! Especially Alissa, finally helped us out to make the order though........
    We are looking forward to receiving the straps now.....
  2. That is great to hear! Congrats!
  3. Congrats! I wanted to get one but they didn't accept mine. Glad you got through!
  4. I started emailling them about our group order around christmas time, then finnaly got reply from Codi on 1/1/09 said yes....however, 1/2/09, I saw Codi posted on TPF that they won't do straps any more, we were so disappointed....then I called them, happened to get to talk with Alissa, she is the director of marketing.....and she helped us out!!!!!