Great SA at NM in SF

  1. Hi all, I'm new to the forum, but have really enjoyed learning more about the fall colors from you all, and wanted to share with you that I just had a great experience working with an SA named Oma at the NM in SF; thanks to her I have a Blueberry and a Sapin work coming to me in about a week, and she is ordering a Rouge VIF city for me. It sounds like they will be receiving another shipment soon and they have a few bags in stock as well as some that are unpacked. Oma was extremely patient and very thorough. I am SO excited about the bags, especially after seeing Shoegal's gorgeous Blueberry work.

    Oma also mentioned that she received a lot of inquiries about the Blueberry Work from customers passing by as she was ringing it up. Makes me even more excited about seeing it in person!
  2. Welcome to the Forum and Congrats on the new purchases! Can't wait to see pics!