!!!Great News Flash Re: Knockoff Store In My Town!!!

  1. OMG!!!! I have been trying to get this knockoff store near me closed down for about a year, and if anyone has followed this on my Horror of Horrors thread, they will know that I have contacted every known designer who is being faked in this store, i.e., LV, Chloe, Fendi, Mulberry, Juicy, Kate Spade, Balenciaga....you name it....., along with all the local news stations...with no results....

    ........until just 5 minutes ago!! I was just contacted by an investigative reporter this morning from ABC news. Their investigative department has been secretely covering this fake store for a few months, and...guess what!!! Among other covert visits, they introduced themselves yesterday as being from ABC News....and they were kicked out of the store! Now, we will know by the end of the day if they store is being closed or not....but, apparently, the news department has been working with other criminal authorities on this for a while, so we will see what will happen now! I can't believe it!!!! This is the store that sets up "purse parties" and fake designer sunglasses, clothing, you name it! So, the reporter would like me to go to the store to see if they are still open today. and pose as a shopper for them. And all this when we are leaving town for a week! I can't believe this!!! I can't believe they called me!! Wonder what will happen next???.......
  2. Good Job! Really well done you for your tenacity.

    I am imagining that if they called you - it was because you had tipped them off to it so they will interview you as well????? Are you going to do it? What are you going to wear??

    Wow - it really shows that what we do can have an effect - even if we don't automatically see the results.....

    Really happy for you!
  3. Mystery . . . intrigue . . . woman going undercover . . . you go, girl! My life should be so exciting. :smile: What a great opportunity to not only get these charlatans out of business but (possibly) educate the public, or at least the local news folks. Well done!
  4. Awesome job! LV, Fendi, Gucci and all the others should be proud to have you on their side!!!!!! You are awesome, thanks for doing your best to get all of the wonderful REAL purses the justice they deserve!!!!
  5. Good for you! I think each of the designers should give you a bag of your choice for your work in their behalf!! That would only be fair don't you think? :woohoo:
  6. :woohoo: Well done to the International Woman of Mystery :ninja:. Fakers beware :boxing:
  7. I have a condo, on PG Isles. I know the store you are talking about. Good for you. If you are interviewed...wear something bright and go a little heavier on the make-up. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. It is exciting!!!!!!!! I'm just glad that something is finally being done!!!! Especially when you ask for a "Chloe" or a "Fendi", or a "LV", they don't preface it by saying oh, yes, we have inspired.......I just got off the phone with the reporter, and we confirmed that I am supposed to go there after work at 5 to pose as a shopper......

    skyqueen!!! Hi, there! I was told by someone that the guy that runs this place used to sell fake bags out of the trunk of his car to the girls at the high school a while back.....and he can't be more than in his late 20's.....he's been doing this for a long time at an early age!
  9. Oh wow, this is so exciting, you being an undercover shopper. Please report back later.
  10. How cool! Let us know how it's going. I'm glad to hear that your efforts are helping!
  11. hahha! this is so very cool! good work!
  12. Wow soo cool! Update us on what happens. Goodluck.
  13. Update....so far....as of 5 o'clock today, the store is locked up tighter than a drum. Lights are off and, even though the windows are very dark, it looks like there is some merchandise on the floor and they may be getting ready to pack up and move. According to the ABC news reporter, their landlord was shocked to know their merchandise was counterfeit, and he knew nothing of their moving out, but he intended to make arrangements to see if they move out under cover of night.
  14. Wow! Good job you're doing! This might seem silly but..If you get on tv, what bag will you carry?
  15. Exciting stuff, glad to see someone taking these fakes on.:tup: