Great News :D

  1. Ok.. i just gof off the phone with LV, spoke to my sweet SA and Guess what :roflmfao: there's no price increase - at least in near future-, she heard about prices going up in US and Europe but not in Middle East, and in case there's any, they'll know about it several months before.
    Another Good news, for those who are interested in the :heart: MC Fringe line, it will be released here in Dubai within few days, in case ur interested u can try and give it a call : 0097143592535

    and as for the mirror line, my SA asked me to call her back after 3 weeks so she can confirm everything related to that line * price range - shapes - colors- availabilty* ... :shame:

    i know not so many of u guyz are happy with the first part cuz im in the mid east and u guyz are from other parts of the world, anyway those who are near or will visit us can benefit from it :biggrin:
  2. lol.. i'm like.. uhh yes the prices are going up!

    you should've mentioned that you were in the mideast first or something. lol.
  3. Jimmy im sorry dear, i was thrilled about what i've heard and was typing soo excitingly ;P

    Girls as for the prices remaining the same, its ONLY in Dubai's Branch as far as i know, not sure about the other region's stores.
  4. You are lucky.
  5. i'm in melbourne and when i collected my damier speedy today, i talked to my SA about price increase. she didn't know whether there will be a price increase soon as normally they will know 1 or 2 days before announcing price increase. anyone in aussie know something???
  6. ah it's alright.. i understand the excitement! haha.
  7. OOOH! please inform us of the mirror line when you get new juicy info! lol