Great Mail Day!

  1. Look what I got in the mail today! :yahoo:

    what could it be?

    My new Qara bag! Yay!


    The bag is fantastic & the chocolate brown is perfect for the Fall! Thanks so much Megs and Vlad!! I'm going to use this as my new work bag and think of the forum & my fab prize every time my boss torments me:devil:
  2. :drool: Congratulations!!
  3. ooooh congrats!! it looks great!!
  4. :yahoo: CONGRATULATIONS!!!:yahoo:
    Great looking work bag!​

  5. Congrats Jilly!!!!!!!!!!! All three of us got our bags on the same cool is that!!!!!!!!!
  6. Congratulations! It is beautiful.
  7. congrats jillybean...
  8. awwwwww it looks stunning on u ;)

    Congrats dear :smile:
  9. OMG!!!! It's gorgeous!! It looks so good on you :nuts: Congratulations!!!! :yahoo:
  10. cute bag congrats again
  11. Oh, Congratulations! It looks soo pretty on you! The color is just perfect for Fall.
  12. Love it ! Congratulations :smile:
  13. Congrats, the bag looks terrific on you! Top-notch writing btw!
  14. Congratz, it's nice.
  15. Congrats jilly! We are happy you like it!
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