Great Loose Powder?

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  1. What loose powder do you girls recommend besides Bare Essentials? I like Bare Essentials but it goes on a little to thick and looks a little "cakey" on my skin. Any other suggestions? TIA!
  2. Bare Essentuals have great loose powder. Doesn't feel like anything is on the face. I love it.:yes:
  3. nars or chanel
  4. OHH!! if you look on makeupalley, many people are loving the new i think l'oreal mineral foundation? the small bottle with a brush head at the top.
  5. Arbonne. Their loose powder is incredible. Completely flawless on your skin. It doesnt cake at all like bare es. did for me. I even became a rep because I loved all of their products & kept telling everyone about them =) If you click under my name, you can go to the website.
    I'd be happy to answer any ?'s.
  6. MUFE (Make Up For Ever) - Matte Loose Powder!!!!
  7. I just bought La Mer's new loose powder, and it is amazing!
  8. I am faithful to Dior. It's so finely milled and soft.
  9. I LOVE Nars loose powder. The packaging isn't the greatest, but you can get this little travel-size loose powder container from Sephora for a few dollars--really helps. I just put some of the loose powder from the big container into the small one.
  10. I love L'Oreal's translucide loose powder!
  11. Laura Mercier has great loose powder.
  12. I like Awake's Aqua Trans Powder. It feels a little wet when it goes on and feels so light and refreshing.
  13. giorgio armani without a doubt
  14. MAC Blot Powder. I'm shine-free all day!
  15. T. Le Clerc :love:
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