Great Little Handbag Book

  1. Just received this great book “The Power of the Purse: Handbags by Anna Johnson.” On page 354, a Coach bag by Bonnie Cashin from the 70s. Notice the stripe lining and think of the current lining on the legacy bags. Have a great weekend.

    PS: You can purchase a copy of the book form Amazon.


  2. I have seen this book at Barnes & Noble, too. It's a cute little book. I couldn't resist looking after I saw the Birkin on the cover!
  3. i posted pics from this awhile back.

    its a cute little book!
  4. I took a vacation day yesterday and spent some time at Borders. I sat on one of the sofas reading this book and had a free sample of the irish coffee latte. I was there so long the guy came around again with white chocolate mocha latte samples. I didn't get the book - enjoyed looking at it - enjoyed the coffee too.
  5. A TPF girliie sent that to me when I was having a bad week! :graucho:
    I LOVE it!:yes:
  6. wow thats cool...i gotta go check that out....
  7. I just received a copy in the mail from my friend. It is the cutest book ! My friend found it at a yardsale and thought I would enjoy it ! It is a good book to keep in your bag for quick reference or just to look at if you are on a train or something !