Great Lakes Crossing/Howell Outlet Coachies....

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  1. Any Peytons at either of these outlets? I want a gray or a pink!:nuts:
  2. Howell did not get the Peytons... I believe GLC did, not sure though!
  3. are they the MFF or the FP deletes?

    I was just there on Tuesday and don't remember seeing any...?

    Can anyone confirm?

  4. Was at both outlets on the weekend, no Peytons at either location.
  5. If GLC got them, I think they had both MFF & PF Deletes. I think I thought someone mentioned it in the other thread for the MI outlets.

    Looks like there are none there now. You can always try and call and ask. I would make sure you had the style number, so they actually have to look, rather than asking by their name over the phone, to avoid confusion!