great customer service!

  1. i don't know if you all remember when i started the thread about my red patent leather ergo hobo that got stickers on it from one of my students?
    well, i called coach and they did get the bag but they could not repair it...the woman i spoke to was very lovely and i told her that i understood that this was not a defect with coach's materials, that it was something that happened on my end...she then told me that she was authorized to offer me a 40% discount on any bag from coach! so i orfered the same hobo in mahogany and it just arrived today...i was really impressed because she and i both acknowledged that it was not coach's fault and i thought it was really nice of them to offer me that discount...
    anyway, in a world filled with complications and stress, i thought i'd share a nice story!
    thanks for listening!
  2. I am so glad they accommodated you! You got your bag back as well though, right?
  3. Enjoy your new & deeply discounted bag!

    Thank you COACH, Great, Great Service!:tup:

    Ban those stickers in the classroom!!!
  4. Glad to hear the happy ending!! That was so nice of them!
  5. wow that is super!
  6. Great.

    Make sure you lock up those stickers!
  7. I'm so happy for you!!!! The patent ergo in Mahogany is a HOT bag...please post modelling pics!!! CONGRATS and ENJOY!!!!
  8. That's so cool they give you a nice discount. And stay away from stickers:smile:
  9. thank you all so much!!! no sprinkles, i didn't get my other bag back! you guys are SO amazingly kind!!!
  10. :woohoo:YAY for you!! Don't you just love Coach. :yes:
  11. Yay that is wonderful! I remember how upset you were - I am so glad everything worked out. The mahogany is beautiful! Pics! Pics!
  12. I'm so happy this worked out for you. I remember your original post. Congratulations on your new bag!
  13. Awww...that's so nice of them....enjoy your new bag! You deserve it!
  14. Enjoy your new bag.
  15. :girlsigh:I:heart:Coach