Great Coach Deals and possible gifts

  1. I had sworn off Loehmann's for awhile because all I found was lots of junk that never fit quite right. Well I stopped by during the president's day sale and picked up the following items for gifts (images borrowed from eBay):
    Ipod shuffle case was 4.79 orig 48

    Ipod nano case for $7.86 orig 68

    I had been also looking for some cute flats in gold to match the gold/brass hardware on some of my bleeker and hampton bags. Found the following shoes at Loehmann's for $4.00 and change (can't remember exactly). They had tons of other shoes including some coach boots at really good prices. They are $59.95 currently at Zappos
  2. Nice price!!
  3. wow...great prices!! and great stuff!
  4. Good for you! You got some great deals!
  5. great deals! love the nano case! :tup:
  6. under 10 dollars?!?! wow.... thats like cheaper than some normal priced stuff at target!!
  7. Congrats on the great deals at Loehmann's! I love that store. I used to go to the one in Beverly Hills often. They had the most amazing selection. After moving, I have been to other stores in different states and none of them have been as good.

    The outlets have good deals on ipod cases too.

    One time I think 2 years ago I went to my outlet and they had cases for $7.50 in various colors of leather and black & white and brown & black zebra striped cow hair!

    Needless to say I came home with 7 of them! I kept the cow hair cases for myself and gave the other 5 cases away as gifts!
  8. Great deals!