Great Coach boots

  1. For $600. Q096_d2.jpg Click to enlarge.
  2. Beautiful boots. These are really cute and sexy. It's nice seeing Coach make something out of leather and without their signature "C" all over the place again. I used to think the C's were cute at one time, but I am no longer a fan. And frankly, I haven't really appreciated all of their canvas products being sold at leather prices. For a while I just assummed they were out of the leather business. But that's just me.:angel:
  3. I Love Those! Esp The Brown Ones!
  4. Very cute, I love Coach boots.
  5. Great taste Annie! I'm eyeing them too (those and the leather tall ones that were posted over in the coach forum).
  6. Fabulous, I love them in the brown!!
  7. Love them! Just wish I had smaller calves!
  8. I was looking at them on the coach website as well. They are very cute!