Great bag From Barney's Beverly Hills!!!!

  1. Since Beverly has the pictures up here now, I wanted to tell you what a great bag we got from Barney's, Beverly Hills CA.

    The sa's name is Melissa and although I live in Southern CA this was purchased over the telephone. Melissa had thought it might take a week or two because a few Rouge vif City's were requested ahead of me on the waiting list, but it actually only took about a week to arrive. I got exactly what I requested: leather that was thick and smooth, with no blemishes or veiny appearance. It was an easy transaction, and when I decide to buy a new bal-bag for myself, I deffinitely will be going through them again! If you haven't seen the pictures, check out pf-er Beverly looking fabulous with her new City!!!!
  2. Congratulations! Love the rouge vif! It's such a perfect red:love:
  3. Yay, congratulations!
  4. :drool: rouge vif :drool:
  5. congrats!
  6. Congratulations on nabbing a beautiful Rouge VIF City! I'm sure you will love it.