Grease - You're the one that I want

  1. Anyone else watch??

    It was pretty good! Interesting! I love Grease...I don't know how many times I've seen it...Countless.

    Neway, it's cool how they have to sing, and be able to dance good as well. It's gonna be interesting to see how they're able to find both a Danny and Sandy that work well together and are both able to perform in both these areas.:yes:
  2. Oh, I meant to watch...totally forgot!
  3. Over the Xmas and New Years Break they played GREASE and GREASE 2 back to back... I made sure I was up in time to watch GREASE - totally LOVE this movie!!! It reminds me of when I was much younger begging my parents to let me stay up late so I could watch the entire thing!!!


  4. I finally watched this after I Tivo'd it... I was really disappointed in the selection of "Sandys" however I thought the soccer coach named CHAD was outstanding and I predict he will either win or be one of the final cut. I am not one for reality tv/talent shows, but I really enjoyed this one.
  5. Is anyone still watching this?

    Aside from the two people that they brought back, I really enjoyed the Sunday episode. I was pleasantly surprised by Max's performance. I don't know if he's "Danny," but I really enjoyed his performance.
  6. I watch it. My BF loves Grease so he got me into it (not that I don't love the movies). I like Matt and Chad. Austin in good but I don't see him playing Danny. I see him as Johnny from Grease 2.

    As for the ladies, I like Ashley S and Kate.
  7. I've tried to watch it since I love Grease so much, but the show is just "eh" to me.
  8. My mom watches this show and really likes it lol.