grande shopping tote

  1. If anyone has a quilted grande shopping tote, would you mind posting a pic here.
  2. I don't have it anymore but here ya go!:
    DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1327.jpg DSCF1332.jpg

  3. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ^^OMG Swanky. These freakin pictures haunt me. :lol:

    Everytime I see them I saw a little prayer. :lol:

    I AM going to own this day
  4. Here's's navy with silver hardware :smile:
  5. :lol: Those pics haunted me too! I used to go back to them over and over! Finally I caved when the black came with the silver hardware! It's at Saks waiting for me to p/u!
  6. LOL @ you guys!!!

    Lvbabydoll, this bag is so beautiful in navy. . . I'm sad I didn't snatch it up when I saw it! :sad:
  7. thanks everyone! I really want this bag!!! And I had no idea it came with silver hardware. Can you still purchase black w/silver HW? And does anyone know the approx. cost?

    Swanky--I really appreciate the pic of the bag "on", that was really helpful to show the size since I've never seen one in person.
  8. NO problem!

    Chanel is just now doing black/silver, you'll want to call and get on the list for one.
    It was originally $1650, I don't know if this new season the price will be the same or not.
    There was another Grand Shopping tote in different leather this season and it's $1895, so it'll be between $1650-$1895.
    It's a lot of bag for the bag by Chanel standards :ye:
  9. Swanky--I don't really mind the gold hardware, do you think I could still find one? (instead of getting on a list ~waiting~ on a silver hardware bag)

    Also, what is the different leather that it was available in this season? --and if anyone has pics of it I'd love to see it.

  10. Yes, I know EXACTLY where you can get one right now to be honest! At least she had one a few days ago.

    This one is in caviar, it's the original style, like the photo I posted.
    There's a new one this season in a distressed calfskin, comes in red or brown w/ silver and it's teh one that's $1895. The thing about the calfskin is that it can scratch, the caviar {$1650} is Chanel's most durable leather and will not scratch and is cake to take care of.

    Call Shannon @ NM {972}629-1700 ext 1301
    tell her Amanda referred you, there was at least one available this past Sat.

    LMK if you call her!
  11. My best friend & I tried on the black w/ gold hardware this past weekend. She said the price for the black w/gold hardware was $1650 & then she showed me another grande shopping tote in brown w/ silver hardware but the leather was diff. as what swanky said earlier. The leather to me looked like the cambon leather but slightly distressed.
    :idea: Swanky Mamma, maybe you can help me out more with the leather?
    It's definitely not as scratch resistant as the caviar that the grande shopping tote used to come in. The price tag on this one was $1850 or $1950 & it looks like these are the new fall version. The NM SA told me that the ones w/ the caviar leather are going really quick bc of the price diff. too.
  12. ^see my post above yours. . .
    the new ones are a distressed calfskin, unlike the original Grand Shoppers in caviar.
    Caviar is the MOST durable and $1650.
    The distressed calfskin isn't delicate, but it scratches easily and comes in brown or red w/ silver.
  13. sorry swanky, I was in the middle of typing my reply & submitted it before I saw yours. You beat me to the punch!! OOPs on the repeat!:shame:
  14. No worries! I was wondering though. . . I thought I wasn't understanding what you were saying! LOL!
  15. Thanks so much Swanky. I just called and left Shannon a message, (I said that you had referred me)--they said she would be in tomorrow, I'll let you know the outcome. yay!!!!!