1. Ok, so I got my black city yesterday and i love it. :yes: the leather is very thick and matte...but...some parts of it feels kinda grainy. :shrugs: like not completely smooth - sorta like finely milled sandpaper. does anyone else's bag feel like this? i'm not going to return it or exchange it b/c i'm simply because i'm too lazy and i love the bag anyways. i'm also hoping that it will soften up with time and use. another strange thing is that the black city feels and looks a little bit bigger than my grenat city. maybe i'm just losing my mind...:upsidedown:

    i'll post pics later today when i get home, but i don't think you can tell from looking at the leather...definitely a touchy feely thing.
  2. I soften my somewhat grainy feeling ink hobo by hand with apple care. - worked like a charm.
  3. Here's a pic. It's just a bit grainy on the bottom in the middle. Can you see it?
    bags 005.jpg