Graffiti Speedy 40?

  1. oh that was my question.

    i posted this 2 hours ago in the authenticate this sticky. :smile:
  2. ..but does anyone have a legitimate answer?
  3. Interesting, this seller obviously sells authentic and the bag itself looks good...even though we all know a 40 was not made. What would worry me the most is the date code, most of the time runway bags, prototypes and promos do not carry a date code. I e-mailed and asked if they have any provenance to support the 'runway bag' claim. I'll let you know if they answer.
  4. This may be a runway piece.:shrugs: LZ is a great seller as well as a member of tPF. Some one should PM him/her.:idea:
  5. code is a year prior to the release of graffiti...but I guess that would make sense if it was a runway model (it would have had to be produced before 2001) BUT this one says Dec. 2000. If it was runway...wouldn't it have had to be produced BEFORE the October fashion shows in 2000???
  6. oh the seller mentions it is a runway item.

    i love it!!

  7. you are totally right.
  8. Hopefully the seller (or someone else) can clear that up!
  9. I think I want it!!!:nuts:
  10. I sent the auction link for authentication last night. The response back was that this bag is thought to be authentic. The bag has the proper date code for a runway bag and all other visible signs of an authentic bag.

    Whoever gets this one is going to own a very exclusive and rare bag.
  11. It's a really good price then...regular speedys go for that or higher!
  12. Im so glad the handles are I DO NOT have to buy it...I would love that bag...NEW!!!
  13. :graucho:
  14. Go for it, Irene!:flowers: