Graffiti Pochette Is Here!! *Pics*

  1. Yay!! It's absolutely gorgeous!! Immaculate condition....I can't find one flaw...the inside is PERFECT.

    I am in LOVE!! :love:

    I can't wait to use it!!!


  2. yay! :yahoo: congrats! what a fun bag!
  3. :heart: it!! Yay!!!
  4. Congrats..! Is this the one from let-trade? $349 with shipping? What a superb deal for such great condition item!
  5. [​IMG][​IMG] Congratulations!! Those Grafitti bags are flaming hottt![​IMG]
  6. Great deal...I almost bought it from him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!
  7. very nice and congrats in your purchase:yes:
  8. Yay! Congrats!:heart:
  9. Congrats ! :yes:
  10. I love the patina and the graffiti silver is my favourite color! Congrats!:yahoo:
  11. Congrats! I love it!
  12. Congrats! It's gorgeous!! I want a graffiti bag so bad!
  13. So cute, congrats!
  14. Congrats.
  15. cute...cute...cue!