Graceland - coming June 2013

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    From the acclaimed creator of White Collar, Jeff Eastin, comes a new one-hour drama about a diverse group of undercover agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and U.S. Customs whose worlds collide while forced to live together under the same roof of a seized beachfront mansion in Southern California called "Graceland." No matter what agency they’re from, the residents all operate by the house’s unofficial motto: "When you work for the bureau, your lies are your life."

    The series begins with Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit), a by-the-books rookie who graduates at the top of his FBI class and is thrown into an unconventional assignment at Graceland, rather than the administrative DC job he requested. Once there he encounters the legendary Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata), the house’s senior FBI agent whose Zen approach to life doesn’t match his credentials as the Bureau’s ace agent. The series also stars Vanessa Ferlito as DEA agent Catherine "Charlie" Lopez, Brandon Jay McClaren as U.S. Customs Agent Dale Jakes, and Manny Montana as FBI agent Joe "Johnny" Tuturro.

    Scottie Thompson guests as Lauren Kincaid, a loyal and determined DEA agent dealing with the repercussions of her wounded partner, along with Courtney B. Vance as Quantico Section Chief special agent Sam Campbell and Jay Karnes as DEA group supervisor Gerry Silvo.
  2. Six agents. One house. At Graceland, your lies are your life.

  3. Graceland: behind the scenes.

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  6. I'm looking forward to this one! Been seeing commercials for it during my NCIS marathons. It also helps that the main guy (I only remember him as Franco from Rescue Me) is a sexy beast. (You could SWIM in them dimples!)
  7. Do you mean Daniel Sunjata? He plays the lead officer in the house. He's a great actor. This looks pretty good, I agree...and not half because Aaron Tveit (ie Enjolras in the Les Mis movie) plays the rookie :biggrin:
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  9. USA Sets Summer Schedule including ‘Graceland’ Debut


    USA Network has unveiled its summer schedule.

    The Hamptons-set concierge medical drama Royal Pains opens season five June 12 at 9 p.m. before kicking off the second season of Necessary Roughness at 10 p.m.Burn Notice, heading into season seven (which will include the 100th episode), kicks off the cable network’s summer slate June 6 at 9 p.m. (Series starJeffrey Donovan revealed the premiere date Tuesday via Twitter.) Burn Notice will serve as a lead-in for White Collar creator Jeff Eastin’s new drama Graceland, debuting at 10 p.m.

    Covert Affairs enters season four July 16 at 9 p.m., before leading into the third season of Suits at 10 p.m.

    Returning drama White Collar returns for season five in the fall.

    New competition series Summer Camp, from Big Brother producers Allison Grodnerand Rich Meehan, will launch in July. The show sees 16 people at a lakeside retreat where they compete in games inspired by classic camp experiences before the remaining competitors face off in an Olympic-style event.

    USA enters into the unscripted space later this month with The Moment, hosted by former NFL star Kurt Warner. That series debuts April 11. The Choir, based on the U.K. format, will launch in the fall.

    The summer schedule as it stands now:

    Tuesdays (beginning July 16)
    9 p.m.: Covert Affairs
    10 p.m.: Suits

    Wednesdays (beginning June 12)
    9 p.m.: Royal Pains
    10 p.m. Necessary Roughness

    Thursdays (beginning June 6)
    9 p.m.: Burn Notice
    10 p.m. Graceland (series debut)

    Source: The Hollywood Reporter
  10. Stage Door Dish is looking for someone to spend the summer writing about ‘Graceland’!

    Are you already obsessed with Aaron Tveit’s new USA drama series Graceland? Great! Stage Door Dish is looking for a qualified applicant to join our team as our Graceland, Tveit and television writer for the summer. (If you end up falling in love with SDD, and we hope you do, there’s potential for you to stay past the summer.) If you are interested in applying, please read here for more information. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Source: StageDoorDish