GP or Evelyne? Please help me decide which one to keep

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Which to keep?

  1. Gold Leather Garden Party

  2. Etoupe Evelyne GM

  3. Neither, get a POP color GP

  4. Neither, get a POP color Evelyne

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have an all leather 36cm GP in Gold leather and an Evelyne GM in Etoupe.

    I have black, barenia, and gold/toile pieces so you can see that
    I gravitate towards neutrals. I'm still not 100% on the Evelyne style on me, particularly in this size.

    Here's a photo for you to judge:

    Love the gold GP but am I in gold overload? (Have gold/toile

    Which would you keep? Or, get rid of both and go for a pop of color?

    Looking forward to your much respected opinions! :heart:
  2. i'm not really a fan of GP. evelyne is distinctly H.

    you can either keep the evelyne you have now or sell both and get another neutral evelyne if you wish - like dark blue. or a neutral pop - like orange.

    i'm also a neutral girl but started slow. now i love colors and my wardrobe is mostly neutrals so most of my bags go with my wardrobe.
  3. Since you have the Gold B and the GP is a similar shape, why not try the Evelyne instead? I also think an Evelyne in a pop of color is gorgeous but like you I tend to go for the neutrals so I adore the Evelyne in Etoupe. (But in the PM size) I have a Gold GP like the one you mentioned but am wanting an Evy too now!
  4. I would get rid of both and add a pop color. Probably sell the étoupe Evelyne GM 1st since you are uncertain of this bag. I thought it looks ok on you but then Evelyne PM looks cuter than GM.
    Good luck in your decision.
  5. What about the Evelyne makes you unsure? Is it the cross-body factor, or the way it hangs? Or that etoupe is a cool neutral and you are used to gold, which is a warm neutral?

    I think you look good in the picture, but like Soxx said, the PM size is cuter. When I was deciding on an Evelyne size, I thought the GM was too baggy, where the PM was more sleek. Maybe you just need a PM?

    Don't sell your gold GP! I have the same bag and it is one of my most used bags, so functional and it goes with everything!
  6. Hmmm, how can I explain it without sounding too vague? It
    Just doesn't feel like "me". I really think it's the size of the GM that's putting me off. I think a PM in a bright color might be perfect for running errands, kids' school events, etc...

    The thing I do like about the GP is that it is a nice under the radar H bag that is functional but the weight can get cumbersome at times.

    One thing for sure is that I've at least decide that the GM Evelyne will go and will consider letting the GP go and getting a bright Evelyne PM...
  7. Well, if it doesn't feel right, then it is probably not the bag for you!

    I hear you on the weight of the GP ... the bag itself isn't that heavy given how much leather there is, but I tend to load mine up and then get frustrated with the weight. Of course my Evelyne PM is lighter -- it holds a lot less! :lol:
  8. A - I think the etoupe evie looks great on you but it's time you broke out of the neutral rut and go for a POP color in an evie (and maybe a PM if you think the GM is too big)

    My personal favorites would be anemone or rose tyrien :smile:. Both are epsom and not my favorite leather but in an evelyne it keeps the bag light and I also love that it keeps it's shape too.
  9. i do agree that GM is a bit too large for you. PM would look nice with your style but would not fit as much... i will get GM as am very tall, but it does look better on me than Pm. if you dont use her because feel uncomfortable, it is an easy decision that she has to go!
  10. I really love both colors, especially anemone :heart: I agree, I need to break out of my neutral rut (even my CDCs are neutral!). One of the things I adore about Hermes is the vast array of gorgeous colors! Definitely a PM. Now that I look at that photo, it feels like the E is wearing me rather than the other way around.
  11. I would keep the GP, sell the Ev and get a pop Ev PM. The reason I would keep the GP is because it's a great UTR tote and, you know, there are situations where you just can't bring the B.
  12. I know you like neutrals but both those bags would look stunning in a pop of color. I think you should go for an Evelyn PM in a bright color like Anemone, Orange or Blue Saphir.
    If you are uncomfortable with another Evelyn (they are not "me" either), my next choice would be a Garden Party in Rouge H. Rouge H is the perfect neutral but still provides color. Good Luck with whatever you decide!
  13. Since you say you love the gold GP, I would keep that one. Personally, I love the GP and my 30cm cassis fjord is my most used bag right now!

    If you really love the Evelyne, I would definitely get a smaller size in a pop color. For me, the crossbody H bag that I absolutely love is the Mini Berline, I'm not an E girl.

    GL and let us all know what you decide! :smile:
  14. Evelyne is hands-free messenger bag, great for younger wearers. GP is a top-handle bag and elegant. They have different functionalities IMO. Depending on your lifestyles.
    I don't like Evelyne personally. I think Jypsiere is a much better option for cross-body messenger bag.
  15. Not a GP lover, but do love the evelyne. Sell both and get a bright neutral, such as red or orange.