Goyard St Louis PM anyone use an insert or rigid base?

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  1. I have 2 of these bags and I really like them. However there is NO organization. I wonder if anyone uses or has tried an organizing insert or even a rigid base for the bottom?

  2. I think there are some threads elsewhere where people have used them.
  3. Yes I am using an insert with zipper
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  5. I use the Samorga for my GM and it’s helped a lot with organisation and with giving it some shape. I can take photos if you’d like.
  6. I also use Samorga.
  7. I use Original Club for my GM. Received it in a week, great color variety, no issues with quality, and reasonably priced.
  8. Would you mind posting a picture? Is it an exact, snug fit? I prefer ordering from Original Club, so this sounds like it might work.
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  9. Hi there. My apologies for the delay. The second picture shows some room on one side if you push the insert on the opposite side. The gap is not significant but can fit an umbrella or ballet flats which I store in a drawstring shoe bag. Hope that helps.


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  10. I use my MaiTai insert for my 30 Birkin in the PM, 35 Birkin insert in the GM.
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  11. Thanks! I have that size, so I'll try that first!
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  12. I use the Samorga sized for a Neverfull Gm, fits perfectly, gives shape but not unnaturally rigid. Love it must have.