Goyard Newbie: Please educate me.

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  1. Hello Goyard fans,

    I have been lurking in the Goyard threads for the past few years and have become a fan of Goyard. I definitely think it's a better alternative to LV monogram, in my opinion. However, I'm wondering if Goyard has classic lines like LV does. For example: the LV speedy and alma. If so, which of these styles are the classic and is the Saigon one of them? I have to admit, after seeing the celebs and Goyard thread, I have fallen in love with the Saigon.

    Thanks for educating me!
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  2. Oh, I hope annalcg views your post. She's great with Goyard questions. I may also be a newbie at the brand, but from what I've seen and heard, I believe that the St. Louis tote would be to Goyard as the Speedy is to Louis Vuitton.:smile:
  3. One of my favourite Goyard bags which is very similar in shape to the LV Alma is the Goyard Sac Vendome.

    Here is Nikki Hilton with hers:

    And a close up:

    There's another bag called a Crosiere that is similar to the LV Speedy.

    Here's Jessica Simpson with hers:

    And another shot:

    I7dude, the St Louis is probably one of the most popular bags made by Goyard in the same way that the Speedy is one of LV's most popular bags, but I think Crosiere is more similar in shape to the Speedy than the St Louis. I'd suggest that the St Louis equivalent (in rough shape and size) in LV would be the Neverfull.
  4. Hehe thanks 17dude!

    ijmoran, I'm so glad you're loving the brand!!! It makes me really happy :biggrin: and no, I'm not being creepy, I just really adore Goyard (especially over LV- not that LV is bad or anything!)

    What Mette said about the St. Louis being the most popular and well-known Goyard style is definitely true, I think. I'd also say that the trunks are quite well-known, though they are obviously not seen all over the place- Goyard did begin as a trunk company.

    The Croisiere is more in the shape of a Speedy, and so is the Boeing (which I've recently understood comes in different sizes, *excitement*)



    Photos via Star Style Inc.

    Lauren Conrad's Boeing is a very large size- another tpfer, LoveThatThing, posted great photos of her Boeing 30 in the What's Inside Your Goyard thread- below is a photo of her bag (these photos actually made me want a Boeing as my next Goyard!)


    Also, don't forget to check out the Goyard Reference Library- PICTURES ONLY thread- it is a great resource to get an idea of what other styles are out there.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask or PM me!
  5. What beautiful bags
    I also really like goyard but do not own any yet, but I know I would like to
    Is it more under the radar than other brands?
  6. ardneish,

    I am a Goyard newbie but I do know that Goyard isn't as common as LV. Here in LA it is known but again, not as common and in some parts of the country not known as a luxury brand at all.
  7. You should check out the thread Public Perception of Your Goyard to get a feel for what other Goyard owners think about their pieces, but I definitely believe that Goyard does fly under many radars- it's much less known and therefore much less noticeable. Of course, they are more known in cities than in other towns, but I'm speaking in general ;)
  8. All of the goyard styles are classics, they don't come out with a new collection each season. There might be a limited edition color but that's about it.
  9. Is it true you can customise your bag with monograms etc? Are there any restrictions? How much more would you have to pay for customisation?
  10. Yes you can add stripes, initials and a few symbols. Each cost $150
  11. ^^ Thank you. I emailed the London and Paris Goyard boutiques to check but they haven't gotten back to me yet.
  12. If you are thinking about buying a Goayd piece and want it personalized it will take up to 6 weeks for them to do so in Paris. That's what I heard today when I called them. I can't say anything about BG or Barneys.
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