Goyard- Miami

  1. Has anyone been to the Goyard Miami store? How is their stock? Was what you were looking for in stock? Did you like your SA?
  2. Hi, I have been there twice.....once to buy a grey Belvedere and once to buy a black St. Louis and small black pochette. The Belvedere and pochette had to be shipped to me once their stock came in, and I had to pay for them while I was there, to hold my stock. I had 2 different SA’s there.....wasn’t impressed either time (sorry I don’t remember their names) it’s a small store, but with that being said, I have never been to any other stores...so I’m not sure if that’s a normal size? The shopping center is a high end place....has Chanel, Balenciaga, Chloe...etc.

    I would call or email them to see if there was something in particular you were looking for.
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