Goyard laptop sleeve - comments/reviews?

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  1. Hi, do you own or have you seen the Goyard laptop sleeve? Any comments?
    A friend of mine is flying to Paris and has kindly offered to do some shopping for me. I am seriously tempted by this and am wondering if anyone else has bought it or at least seen it IRL? Is it reinforced or is it as thin as the tote bags?


  2. Wow, I like these!

    A bit pricey though.

    Looks like they are fairly new.

    Anyone going to Barneys Boston soon? They have a large selection of Goyard's.
  3. i really like them, but at over $800 it's more than i would pay for something like that. the more i look at it, the more i prefer the goyard print to the lv monogram.
  4. Gorgeous! These are pricey but man would I love to have one. That blue color is TDF.
  5. I have the St Louis PM tote and would love love love a laptop sleeve as well but am wondering if anyone has seen what they look like IRL? I'd love to know if they are essentially a simple canvas envelope or an actual padded case.
  6. I think that's outrageous for a laptop bag.

    IMO, you need to focus on finding a properly padded laptop sleeve that will protect your laptop in a fall. Also, that sleeve has no pockets-where are you going to carry your adapter?
  7. ^^is a sleeve, not a carrying case so thats y it has no pockets. i think its adorable, but way over priced. i like how they point out that its worth more than most laptops
  8. Thanks meganfm - i do have a properly padded laptop bag by waterfield designs (www.sfbags.com) and I love it to bits however, I want something pretty that I can put my laptop in should I want to carry it in my tote etc.

    I didn't say I was set on buying this. I am just wondering if anyone has seen it IRL. I agree the price is outrageous but I am curious. Besides, if the sleeve doubles as a portfolio then I am fine with that.
  9. ^Oh okay that's totally understandable then! I just bought a laptop sleeve to start and I went crazy not having a proper bag so I ended up buying one. If you just need a sleeve, well, the Goyard one is very pretty but still totally outrageous.
  10. I saw this in Vogue too and fell immediately in love. And I will say that it is even more gorgy in real life! Just stunning. But, unfortunately there are a few downsides. First, it is very expensive, considering what it is. Second it offers little protection in a fall. And third it didn't look like it would fit a 17'' notebook. How sad... But, If I wasn't in the middle of a shopping binge I would most definitely buy one. Especially, considering the fact that I am a student and live on my notebook.
  11. I think it's absolutely TDF,
    I told my bf that I wanted it, and he asked how much it was...and he started off guessing $200...then $300..then $500...then eventually....$800, which is the part where he freaked out at me for wanting a $800 laptop sleeve