GOYARD - Can anyone authenticate?

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  1. Is there anyone here that knows Goyard well enough to authenticate? There are some on eBay and I'm interested in a few. The prices seems really great, but maybe that is because they're fake?

    Any opinions are much appreciated! Also, any info as to what to look for would be great!

    eBay: GOYARD ST. LOUIS TOTE PM IN BEAUTIFUL MUSTARD YELLOW (item 200090723060 end time Mar-20-07 18:03:01 PDT)

    eBay: Authentic Goyard Saint Louis Tote Bag GM From 0.99! (item 130092009272 end time Mar-21-07 19:58:40 PDT)
  2. there are tons of fakes on eBay. id' say if the price is too good to be true, then it's a fake. the only way to tell is to see the texture IRL.
  3. I agree- At first glance they look fake... I have a St. Louis in Yellow and the coloring is completely different. Granted, it could be the quality of the photo, but I'd have to say it's not real. So sad!
  4. Ask the seller if the bag is hand painted...if they do not know then they are in all likelyhood selling fakes and are not really familiar with the Goyard product (which are handpainted). Also ask them specifically where the item was purchased...only Barney's and BG sell them in the US from what I understand. Best off buying a second hand Goyard with receipt proof.
  5. I have no clue.....
  6. I hope you didn't bid. They are definitely fakes!
  7. i just saw a couple of white goyard items on eBay, and, on the closeups i noticed the chevron pattern does not show 'goyard', instead it has the store address:
    on the left sticking out part of the "Y" chevron, it shows "233 R S" in black; on the right it shows "Honore" in brown; on the base of the "Y" on the left is "Paris" in black and on the right, "Paris" in the same brown as the "Honore". above all of this is "Goyard" in a very light yellow.
    look up item # 200094567000 and 120101418451
    was this a special edition line that i cannot find backup for, anywhere on the internet???

  8. Both are fakes. I hope you didn't bid on them.
  9. These two are fakes also :cursing:

    If you are looking for a white Goyard bag, I only see 1 authentic one on Ebay and it's from pretty_mia. She is on the recommended seller list in the Hermes section and here is the auction http://cgi.ebay.com/100-AUTHENTIC-NWT-GOYARD-WHITE-ST-LOUIS-PM-TOTE-BAG_W0QQitemZ160100504304QQcategoryZ63852QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    Hope this helps.
  10. Hi All,

    THis is my first post. I joined especially for my interest in Goyard. Love the bags. I know it's terrible, but I was thinking about going the ebay route as well. But judging from the number of fakes, it's pretty scary. I was eyeing up this purse, same seller different auction, but same bag. I was wondering, if this is fake (probably), how can you tell bu looking at the pics? Thanks in advance!

  11. Personally speaking, if I were looking to buy Goyard on eBay, I would only buy from pretty_mia - she is a MPRS, totally trustworthy and has sold quite a few authentic Goyard pieces - the blue tote she has for sale at the moment is the prettiest colour in a great size and at a super price
  12. I purchased yellow from Bergdorfs and that ebay color looks nothing like it.
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