Got this classic tote!

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  1. I got this bag from a friend today! I have always wanted one but it is not available at the stores anymore...

    I have posted some photos of this cute bag, does anywhere look off to your experienced eyes?

    Many thanks! xxx
    DSC03298.JPG DSC03299.JPG DSC03300.JPG DSC03303.JPG DSC03304.JPG
  2. more photos :smile:
    DSC03305.JPG DSC03306.JPG DSC03307.JPG DSC03308.JPG DSC03309.JPG
  3. I decided to buy it too but at last I didn't
    It is so nice. Congrats!!!
  4. i don't know about other places but where I LIVE, there are soooo many fakes for this one. Everyone is using it everywhere I go (and 99.9% are fake).. i can't really tell from your pics cuz they're not close enough.. but i'm sure there are other experts who can try to authenticate it for you here. But anywayz, i agree with you that it is nice
  5. Sorry to say somewhere seems to have problems
    I remember the serial no. of this style is 120840 or 120836 (depends on the size)
    and the patterns of both sides of the authentic monogram are perfectly linking while one side of the bag seems not. Since it is hard to authenticate it from photos, you can check if the patterns are well linking by yourself
  6. It looks off to me.. I have a similiar tote and my tag does not look like that nor do my seams. Sorry :sad:
  7. Sorry, this bag is definitely fake :sad:
  8. Yah, the stitching for the zipper pull inside looks cheap. = (

  9. :yes::sad: :yes: :sad:
  10. oh no, i agree, the tag and the serial number look fake. hope you can get your money back. good luck! :biggrin:
  11. they have this at the store, i just went today. the new one looks bigger cux i have one in black but it's smaller
  12. Very cute! I like it a lot. Congrats!
  13. Check the zippers. It shouldn't be YKK. It should be HC5.
  14. The font on the interior is a clear sign that it is a fake. That's what immediately gave it away, but the exterior is wrong as well. Sorry.
  15. Congrats.