Got this at the outlet...Navy Signature

  1. I have never seen navy blue signature before but I thought this bag was nice with the mahogany leather trim. I thought it needed something, so I added the scarf. What do you think? I can't decide if I like it or not.

  2. WhoA!! Why is my pic so big? I've never posted pics before, did I do something wrong? I uploaded to Photobucket and copied the IMG code.
  3. The picture isn't showing up super huge for me, so everything is fine on this end!

    Cute bag, it looks great for fall..and I love the scarf!
  4. I love it! I'm going to the outlet in Branson next weekend. I hope I find one like this!!
  5. I think the blue sig is pretty!
  6. I've seen those at the outlets. It's a factory-only bag. I like it but I'm recovering from just buying a bag and saving for some hopeful PCE purchases in Dec.
  7. i like it with the scarf -- it would look cute with an all brown scarf too or the patchwork daisy i think

  8. TulsaMini- Please post what goodies you see at the Branson outlet- as it is my closest one! Thanks!
  9. I've never seen the signature in navy before. I like it a lot! It looks great with or without the scarf too!
  10. i love it! it's so different from the usual khaki everyone seems to have...enjoy!
  11. I am going to Branson next weekend, too!!!!
  12. Love the color. I need some Navy signature. Congrats looks great with the scarf.
  13. My husbands co worker has this same bag. Not too shabby!
  14. It is nice, isn't it? Great idea on the brown scarf! I put the colorful one on the other day when I wore jeans and a bright green tee. Looked great with that combo!

    BTW, they had this same blue signature also in a satchel style and had several styles of wallets and a mini skinny. All the way home, I wished I had bought the matching wallet. Prime Outlets in Lebanon, TN.
  15. Oh I've been there. I've driven from MD to TX twice and it's right about halfway and it's a great place to stretch your legs :lol:;)