Got the mirage call...

  1. but i think i am going to have to pass on it :crybaby:

    i really love it but i just dont think i can justify the money right now as much as i would love to. i think the purse is totally worth the money, i just dont think i can afford to blow that much right now....

    i have really been wanting a mono speedy 35 and thats only 630 or something so i think i am going to get that instead....

    if anyone thinks im totally insane please let me know but it just comes down to a money issue.

    the good news is, that the beverly center has them if anyone is looking for one and i am calling my SA back after 5 to let her know i am passing. if anyone wants anymore info you can always PM me.

    thanks for listening guys....:sad:
  2. Why would anyone think you're insane?
    It's not for everyone, so don't feel bad about it...
    what's great about Vuitton is that all bags are quality made regardless of their price. Your speedy 35 will be just as gorgeous !!

    and ANY Authentic Louis Vuitton is better than a fake, regardless of size or price !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. you are right, they are. its just that i have been waiting and waiting for this bag, i love it, and i know i wont be able to get it if i dont get it now!!!

    but i know i will love that 35 also, i love the sag and i have been wanting one forever now.

    thanks for the encouragement!
  4. you are definitely not insane. its much better to not be in debt than having a bag and debt and regrets.

    its great that you have an alternative that you'll be in love with too. i think some things are just not meant to be (same thing with me and the motard pochette).
  5. You're not insane!! At least you're not going into debt over a handbag!
  6. Nothing insane about that. Your mere acceptance of the fact that you cannot afford it right now means that you have a good head over your shoulders. Remember, there will be other designs that will come in the future and besides, the Speedy 35 is the Mirage's older sibling so you're still in good company. GoodLVck!!!
  7. You are not insane at all! I admire your choice to follow your instinct and it is totally okay to pass on the mirage. I am in the same boat with the Griet, I just am not sure for the money. Snaps to you on a very mature choice!
  8. Not insane, very wise to think it through rather than buy it and regret it later ;)
  9. I am not really happy about spending the money either, but I can't pass it up. It is sooo gorgeous!

    If you don't want it, then don't get it! Nothing wrong with that!
  10. That is the great thing about handbags - another beautiful LE bag will come along at a time you can afford it, so no worries! Get the speedy 35 now and enjoy it!
  11. thanks everyone, you made me feel MUCH better about not getting it right now!! I know i will enjoy the 35 and i cant wait to see all the pictures of the people who do get the bag. Thanks again....:tup:
  12. ^^ Good for you. That's a wise and very mature financial decision. You will have plenty of opportunities in the future to purchase another limited edition item. Enjoy your Speedy 35! Please photos of your new LV when you receive it.
  13. I agree Sara! Very wise decision on your part!