Got the call, but...

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  1. Sorry for the lack of interaction in the last month. Busiest time of year for me. However, in the past, I have shared my frustrating dilemma in finding a red Hermes Kelly/Birkin. Everyone told me to hang firm on my pursuit!!

    Long story short, I got THE call from my SA that he has a Rouge Casaque 30 Birkin in Silver hardware. But is is Epsom leather. From what I have seen, Epsom is not well loved by many and doesn't do well.

    What would you do?
  2. I would take it in a heartbeat! That was my exact dream bag and I got the call for it but with GHW about two weeks ago. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love! It is just spectacular!

    And I loooove the leather. Super lightweight and it seems like it will hold the shape and structure well. Hope you go for it!
  3. Take it!!! I just got a Constance in Epsom...seriously love how light it is. Plus, the color looks super bright.
  4. honestly, I would take it in a heart beat...if you like structure bag, epsom is great and light.
    go take it look and see for yourself
  5. Epsom takes colors beautifully, it's light weight and low maintenance. It's actually loved by many. You should see it for yourself in person then make a decision.
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  6. I would say no to Epsom, but it is a very personal choice. I would wait for a thicker, hardier leather but it really depends on the look and structure you want :heart:
  7. I had the same feelings on Epsom leather. I have a B in Clemence and Togo( love both leathers) but I just got an Evelyn in Epsom. To my surprise, I love the leather! It's so light and easy to clean. I was hesitant to buy the Evelyn because it was Epsom but I had to buy it because it was my favourite color Anemone. I know they are completely different style bags but you should go see the bag in person and see how you feel. A red Kelly is on my wish list now. I love RC!!
  8. I have an anemone Epsom Evelyne too and love the leather for this style since the weight for a crossbody bag matters a lot to me, but would be hesitant to invest $$$$ in a epsom k/b because I don't think the integrity of those bags would be as well preserved in epsom. In any case, definitely check it out in person and let us know what you think!
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  9. Love Epsom
    The red will be beautiful in it
  10. I will Not Pass Anything In Rouge casaque more so a b30
    I don't want regrets later
    Seriously nothing wrong with Epsom
    There's no perfect leathers
    All have pros and cons
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  11. Oh goodness. The SAME thing happened to me but with GHW.
    You probably just need to see it. Rouge casaque is such a beautiful color. I passed on the bag (just could not make myself love that leather) and the very next month was offered another beautiful red bag in my preferred leather.
    Good luck with your decision. Whatever you decide will be fine. Just go see it.
  12. if you love rouge casaque, epsom will show it well. i have a friend who has b30 epsom etain and she regrets it ( i kind of agree as well); its so boxy and proper. but i would give a go for rouge casaque since it will make it so lady-like in elegant figure. although it will be hard to go casual with it
  13. Does it have to be Rouge Casaque or any red will do? If it has to be RC, I think you should take it as the birkin/kelly that I have seen recently in RC are all made of Epsom leather.
    I heard people say that Epsom doesn't age well. But once you started purchasing B/Ks, I don't think it is easy to stop, so I wouldn't worry about aging. Another thing is, do you prefer a more rigid or loose look? Epsom keeps the shape of the bag well. But if you prefer a more loose and casual look, it is not the desirable leather.
  14. RC in Epsom is nice, but I personally do not like b or k in Epsom. I have a Constance in Epsom RC and it's perfect after over 3 years of my not so careful use.
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  15. Rc shows up really well in Epsom leather. If you love this color, I am sure you will love it in Epsom. Perhaps go and see it first before you say no. RC in Epsom is actually very beautiful.