Got myself a little "Legacy LOVE" at the outlet today!!!!!

  1. Hi all,
    Well, I too, headed to my outlet this morning (about a 2 hour drive). I was in search of a black Ali (I love my natural sooo much). I went in and there was TONS of white Ali's, TONS of '06 Blk. leather stachels, TONS of '06 Sig. satchels, 2 Whisket Ali's and lots of Legacy I politely asked Midge (SA) if there was anything in the back not on the floor and she told me a truck had just arrived and if I had a second she would go take a minutes later here she comes with bags draped on her arms and much to my delight she had a Legacy Signature Slip Flap (I have loved that bag)...exactly like Ali just thinner!!!!! I thanked her graciously and headed to the register....retail $ $157!!!!!! On her arm was also Legacy Shoulders in Signature, Legacy Hippie, and of course white ALI!!!!!
    Here she is................I am so happy!!
  2. Beautiful, congrats on scoring a lovely Ali.
  3. She's beautiful! Congrats on the bag and the bargain! Enjoy :tup:
  4. Love all these Ali's!
  5. thats such a nice bag!!! I think 50% of the outlets sales came from TPFers today lol(well not that much but prob alot of sales in the legacy line!!!)
  6. Oh I love that one!!!! CONGRATS!!!
  7. Wow! That's fantastic, and I'm so excited that you got that beautiful slim flap!
  8. BTW..when you say 'tons,' do you mean like five of every style or entire tables of Legacy? Just curious how many are being sent out!
  9. the outlet i went to said they got about 200 peices of legacy
  10. It literally took me an hour to decide between this & the shoulder bag at the outlet today lol. I loved them both so much! Congrats on a great buy & enjoy :tup:
  11. Oh what a beautiful bag! Congrats. Sounds like your store had quite the selection. Awesome!
  12. Congrats!
  13. Congrats! You got a great bag at such a great deal.
  14. Wow, everyone is getting such great buys at the outlet! Our outlets are always so picked through, I guess I need to take a trip out to state line and see what they have to offer. Congrats on your buy! You got an amazing deal on a great bag!!
  15. Nice score!!