Got my Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Birch today!! Pics inside

  1. I'm soooo happy to finally got my PS1 today:yahoo:
    P1020071_副本.jpg P1020054_副本.jpg
  2. Yowza! I also love your red glasses! And snappy dresser? You go, girl!
  3. Gorgeous PS1 :biggrin: Congrats on your Birch, love that it's lighter colored than the saddle. Great mod pics too!
  4. Love the color!
  5. I love this color -- it looks fantastic on you and really *POPS* against your outfit!!
  6. Nice bag!
  7. BEAUTIFUL! I, too, love your red glasses!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous!
  9. I'm so envious!
  10. Birch is a beautiful color. Congrats!
  11. Wow, it looks fantastic on you!
  12. Gorgeous! Love the color and looks great on you. Congrats!
  13. Amazing PS1! It looks fabulous on you :o)
  14. going to live vicariously through you. lovely bag
  15. Beautiful color! Birch is growing on me!