Got My Mirage Griet!!!

  1. Got a call from my SA Monday last week that my Mirage Griet has arrived. Went to pick it up the next day. Didn't get the chance to post pics asap since I've been extremely busy lately. Anyways, I'm just sooo happy because I now have both the Mirage speedy and griet! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    mirage_griet.JPG mirage_griet1.JPG mirage_griet2.JPG
  2. Wow that's great! I love Mirage I want the Bandeau! Congrats!!!
  3. Aren't they the cutest pair ever :love:
    Congrats, the Griet is amazing! And ofcourse the speedy as well...
  4. I LOVE THE MIRAGE GRIET, congrats its an amazing bag!
  5. Its a STUNNER!!! Love it!
  6. sooo:huh:OOo gorgeous! You are so lucky to have both the griet and the speedy -- they are both extremely stunning bags! Congratulations :smile:
  7. very nice, I tried one when I was at the boutique. but it was too big on me...

    I'm almost in my "Banned" mode!
  8. they are so pretty, congrats
  9. Congrats!!! LOVE them!!
  10. are sooooo lucky--TWO Mirage handbags.
    They are incredibly beautiful. Congratulations !!!!!
    I LVoe them both !!!!!!!!
  11. thanks everyone! i really love them both!
  12. What a beauty!
  13. such a pretty bag
  14. Great choices!! Congrats.
  15. Congrats!!!!