Got My Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton DVD!!!

  1. I finally got my Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton DVD today:yahoo:! I haven't watched it, yet... but I will soon:p..... I'm sure a lot of guys have ordered it, too. Who has gotten theirs, so far?
    mj_lv.JPG mj_lv1.JPG mj_lv2.JPG mj_lv3.JPG mj_lv4.JPG
  2. I got mine last week. It's a great documentary, you'll enjoy it!
  3. Oooh... I think I'm gonna order mine tomorrow.. which site did you order it from?

    Hope you get yours soon:smile:!
  5. Thanks, I'm sure I will:smile:.
  6. Eek! I'm so curious what that DVD is like.
  7. What is it? It sounds interesting, but I don't think I'll order it. Or maybe I will if it's in french?
  8. This is what it says at the back of the DVD case:

    "No camera has ever been allowed to film Vuitton's and Jacob's creation process. The film unravels an economic and artistic system in a lively manner, keeping up the accuracy of facts and the glamour, with the maximum pleasure for the viewer. The narrative stake is not only the classical suspense that builds up before a collection, it is also a demonstration of a new way to make fashion, a very modern mix of chaos and glamour".
  9. I think they are readily available to get in Europe, but so far, here in the USA, I haven't heard anything of it's release.....and I think your DVD zone is different than those of us in the states......but Congrats on yours......I wish I had one to view!!!
  10. Thanks! It should work there in the states since it's multizone DVD:smile:
  11. can you take some screen shots?
  12. I got mine a while ago, its AWESOME! I posted a thread on it with some screen shots
  13. Here are some screenshots....
    dvd_ss4.JPG dvd_ss5.JPG dvd_ss6.JPG
  14. and some more....
    dvd_ss.JPG dvd_ss1.JPG dvd_ss2.JPG dvd_ss3.JPG
  15. I agree with you, Matt. It's really awesome!;)