Got my MAB Tomato and Some Questions

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  1. I got my first RM on Tuesday (actually took a day off work as the tracking shows it was in the next town) from FunkyLaLa. That site is superb! I was so excited, the courier guy asked me what was inside. lol!

    Anyway, a few questions on the bag. The MAB tomato, while beautiful, isn't the colour I expected. I find it doesn't look tomato-ey, more like an orangey brown, rich tan colour. Do you girls who have this bag think the same (making sure I got the right colour)? I know it's a neutral colour but as I wasn't expecting the colour, I wonder what would look best with it?

    I also notice spots on the hardware (old one), like when you spray something on and it dried without being wiped. The spots won't rub off from just finger rubbing, and I don't know what I should try on it. Do the hardware come this way or did someone do something to it? If the latter, any tips on how to get rid of it?

    And finally, can I use a regular water/stain repellent spray for shoes on the bag? I have a new bottle of Penguin water and stain repellent that needs to be used.

    Thanks in advance for your help!:yahoo:
  2. ^ as for the hardware...i baught a matinee from shopbop and it also had some spots on the hardware. i just used braso and it came right off.

    congrats on your new bag! will you be posting some pics? :graucho:
  3. Hi! Congrats on your new bag! I have the tomato also and find the color to change depending on the light. Here is a photo of mine. I think this may have been taken with flash but the color is pretty true (in most lights). It does have orange/brown undertones.

    I didn't treat it with anything. I think the slight glazing on it protects it. Mine's been caught in some rain and been fine. Thankfully :smile:

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  4. ^ Aw cute! Yours has a little chain! It looks even better with it!

    I don't think my bag is as red as yours lawgirl07.

    I'll post a picture sometime on the weekend. :smile:
  5. The color looks difft with difft light but here are a couple...I think the pic with the other bags is more accurate b/c its not as orangey...HTH!

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  6. wow that tomato does look different in real life. it looks very richly red on the website.
  7. Yeah, I kinda like the chain - makes it a bit edgier to me ;). Definitely post pics when you have a chance!
  8. man! I'm glad i didn't order the tomato! I was deciding between it and the emerald, but went with emerald instead.

    Its really pretty but i want a TRUE red bag... no undertones.

    I haven't protected my tangerine yet because of the gloss on also.

    But most of the girls have recommended LovinMyBags, Applecare, and Wilsons! Applecare i heard is of high quality, and is veryy inexpensive!
  9. I love the Tomato color. In a moment of foolishness, I sold my Tomato MAM. I miss it a lot!
  10. Oh no no no... Apple Polishes are not expensive at all! :nogood: The Apple Garde and Leather Care were only $4.95 a bottle! Just pop on over to your nearest Burlington Coat Factory! That's where I got mine! :yes:
  11. ^^Yea applecare has great prices! I think you meant i said "expensive"...

    Online it wsa like $7 for a 8oz bottle of cleaner! LMB is a lot more. Its double the price, for 1/4 of the size than applecare

  12. Hahah, I was the opposite, I wanted a bag that wasn't red-red - What I love about RM are that a lot of her bags look so difft under difft lights and that the names for her bags are so spot on appropriate, I think my tomato looks like a tomato and my tangy looks like a tangy! :tup:

    I just sprayed my tangy, no probs. But after carrying it, I realized they are some pretty light handles, I am waiting for some LMB for handles, I think they need it!
  13. That Tomato is a pretty color!! it reminds me of my Sienna Bbag!! But a true red MA would be :tender:
  14. I couldn't wait to take pics. :rolleyes:

    Sorry about the angle of the self timer shots ... (and the rather large number of pics, just trying to cover all the angles, and it's like the first born, y'know). :shame:

    The self timer pics show the bag in the colour I see IRL. Pics in the mirror show the bag redder and more orangy than I see even in that lighting. I used no flash.

    I took the pics at different angles. Is it too big for me? I'm starting to get used to the size.

    Also, I'm lefthanded, so the tassels are at the front. Does it look weird this way?

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  15. Ooooh, that bag is gorgeous on you! I think the color is TDF! What are your current thoughts on the bag now? I hope you will keep it!