Got My First LoVe-item! Bandeau!

  1. Yay! SA just called me on the LoVe bandau and I just got it. It was the only one they got. It's so lovely! The colours are so nice, I was a bit worried as yellows aren't good for my skin, but it worked out nicely!

    also talked to her about the SO and she would call me when she had more info, I'm thinking white epi and purple or beige lining, perhaps silk?!
    Now I'm heading for the gym! Perhaps wearing LoVe as a sweatband? :graucho: (J/K) lol
  2. LUCKY!!!!!!!! Post a pic when you can! Oh I want one so bad, but they don't come out in the US till April 1st :sad:
  3. oooh, my fellow norseman, where are the pics?? congrats:yahoo:
  4. I'd love to see the pics too! I can't decide if I need/want one or not!
  5. I don't have a camera right now, but I'll see what I can do over the week end.=P

    And just to let you know the store diden't think they'd have them before april (and that was 1 and /12 week ago) here either, they'll probably be around a lot earlier in the US too. They had towels and the hibiscus stuff also, it's looking gorgeous!
  6. Oh now I want to go to LV and I don't have time this weekend!! Thanks for sharing:yes:
  7. oooh congrats so happy it worked out for you can't wait to see pics!!
  8. white with purple lining would be so hot
  9. I want to see pics too! Congrats!
  10. Oooh, it sounds so pretty, upload picts when you can, lucky girl!
  11. Congrats! I'd love to see some pictures.
  12. Congratz!!
  13. I love to see pics, with the bandeau as a sweatband or with a bag!
  14. Congrats! That SO sounds hot. Keep us posted.
  15. Congratulations! The bandeau is so lovely!!