Got my Epi Voltaire

  1. I've been looking around for an Epi bag for a while, the Segur MM was too big and so was the Passy, so I got this from the My Poupette seller lvauthentic. The Voltaire was discontinued a few years ago and I love the shape, but now I'm thinking it's too big for my frame (I'm 5')! The straps are really long. The bag is basically hanging down to my hip and looks like I'm wearing luggage. I wish the straps were shorter. What do you think?
    LV Voltaire Body.jpg
  2. Another picture
    LV Voltaire 1 (648 x 486).jpg
  3. OOH! I really like it on you!!!!!
  4. That is really pretty! Congrats!

    What are the dimensions?
  5. The measurements are approx 13"W X 11"H X 4"D. Are you sure it doesn't look too big on me?!!! :cry:

    I don't know how I feel about this bag....I still think it looks huge on me...I might have to put it up on ebay later on. I think the shape is beautiful, and it has double zippers too.

    Sigh...I hate being petite! :rolleyes:
  6. I think it's really good on you, very pretty bag. Congrats !! great buy
  7. Here's another picture that I took last night, this time it's a bit easier to see how the size of the bag is.
    LV Voltaire Body 2.jpg
  8. I think it is really pretty. I am not a big bag person. Are you going to use this as an everyday bag or more of a tote? I have two LV bags that size but they are more work bags for me. For perspecive, there is a pic of me somewhere in the LV thread with the Parioli and it has the same dimensions. I am 5'2" and about 105 lbs.
  9. I wanted to use this as an everyday bag....I was hoping that it would be similar to the Cabas Piano, but it's a bit bigger than that and the straps are longer. I wish the stores still had them so I could try it on, but this was the only way I could see it in person.
  10. I would wait for more people to respond. I like it!
  11. I really like the bag and think it looks great on you! Wear it around for a few days to see if you can get used to the size.
  12. I'm petite too. I know what you mean. I always think bags look too big on me. This bag does look a little oversized but it doesn't look bad on you. It's very pretty. If you don't feel comfortable carrying it then maybe you should consider something else. I think it looks fine on you.
  14. It's A Beautiful Bag! Congratulations!
  15. Wow! It looks great on you! I always wanted one.