Got my Bulga from AE!

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  1. balenciagalove - I'm glad everything worked out for you. When I saw the pics of the bag, I was thinking maybe some conditioner would take out the scuffs and clean it up. But it was a final sale and I just didn't want to take the chance. I thought I was the only one offered a scuffed bag since no one else mentioned receiving an email about the condition of their bag. I am glad they advised me first before shipping it out.
  2. Oh, I completely think you did the right thing! I only experimented with the purple one because it was a small scratch and relatively superficial, on the backside where even if it did get botched up, I probably wouldn't even notice.

    If I got a scuffed bag, the first route I would take is to return it and demand my money back. If you're anything like me, then you'd probably obsess over the scuff. If they didn't want to refund, I would file a complaint with my CC company. I absolutely find it abhorrent that they did this. I'm glad that they called you atleast to tell you about it, it sounds like they should have told a lot of other people too!
  3. I have purchased many bags from them and this is the first problem I've had. I've always been really pleased and I buy from them all the time because they always have a 20% code. But they should have notified all of us who ordered the tail end of their supply. I agree with BL.

    I got my large tote today and I LOVE it! I'm really shocked that I love the tote on *me* becaues I honestly have never been fond of how it looks on other people. I'm on the taller side and I love how it looks on me (I rarely say that!). As much as I loved my old mediums, I never thought they looked good on me.

    And this one isn't scuffed!
  4. I got my large Cognac Tote today, and I don't really care for it. The color is a very light tan which I am not crazy about. It also has what looks like water marks on it. Whatever the marks are, they are lighter than the color of the leather. Also, the leather feels cheap to me. My medium hobo is very soft and buttery & also looks a little pebbly. This Cognac one does not compare. I'm going to return mine for a store credit. I believe they grant store credits for sale items. Hopefully! :worried:
  5. I recvd my Cognac satchell and it it scuffed and the leather is not soft. This is my first Bulga so I didn't know if this was the look or not. Just noticed after inspection the edges are scuffed...will they give a credit, this was my first time ordering with them:sad: :sad: :sad:
  6. It says 30 days for sale items for store credit, so you shouldn't have any issues returning it.
  7. Thanks, I just viewed the pics of my bag on AE and it actually looks exactly like the pic...except it is not a soft leather as they Kooba is a soft leather, I don't know what this is. So sad, I like the bag.
    Will they exchange for the same but different bag, one with the actual soft leather as described??
  8. oh NO.....!!!! i was so excited... this is the first designer bag i've ever bought by myself...:cry: i bought the citrus medium tote.... i'm in canada, so it hasn't arrived yet. Wish me luck, guys!

    p.s it's HORRIBLE that they're doing that!!! :evil: and poor u, daisy, i know u were pretty excited too.... damn, if my bag turns out to be really bad, i'm boycotting AE fer shure... :Push:
  9. If they give me store credit I am fine buying a different bag I am just afraid that I may get another defective bag, but you say you have had success with their bags before?
  10. So the customer service at AE was really nice. They were surprised that a damaged purse was released and they are willing to give me a full refund on the bag. I am so happy I get my money back. Thanks you guys for all your input!
  11. I got mine (large butterflyi in cognac) a couple of days of ago and I am disappointed by the feel and color of the leather as well. It's not as soft as my medium butterfly. It doesn't feel near as buttery and the leather is sort of crinkly instead of smooth!

    Makes me sad :sad: I will probably do the store credit, and may buy the Botkier Safari instead that they have on sale.
  12. Did anyone of you bought the zip pocket satchel in brown/coco? I don't live in the US and I had a friend of mine from there order it for me. Reading the negative feedbacks in here is really making me worried :sad: Shame on them for selling defective bags. They should had mentioned that! :sad:
  13. I think it's been a hit or miss on these bags-- my cognac satchel doesn't really have too many scuffs, but there are a couple of water marks (not too noticeable though). And the leather is definitely not as soft as my medium tote from last year. I don't really want the store credit, so I think I may just keep it since it fits my laptop. Is that settling?? Should I try to get a refund instead?
  14. It depends, do you feel the bag is worth the money you paid, and do you really like the bag? I don't want the store credit either, but after reading Munchkyn's post, I decided to include a letter in my return box asking if they would PLEASE give me a refund since my bag was not in perfect condition. I shall wait and see...
  15. I actually just emailed them through there website, told them the condition of the bag, that it was unacceptable, and I knew there policy but what they could do for me since I expected a new bag without defects. Someone emailed me back and offered me a refund.
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