Got my 1st RAOK Gift! Pics!

  1. I so didn't expect it either. I thought it was something I won from eBay for my cellphone. I have been waiting for the eBay thing for 2 weeks now so I was like "Finally, it came!" ... but, when I opened it up I was much surprised! Thank you RAOK friend! She painted me a pink wooden heart that say's "Ashley loves COACH", a purple cover thing for my Ipod Mini that has on the inside a card that looks like an IPOD, but says "Hi Ashley", reeses peanut butter cups (MY FAV!), Funky Mechanical Pencils which are so cool, and a sweet note! I love everything! Very creative! I've already put the heart with my bookshelf of my Coach collection. Can't wait to use everything else! Thank you again!

  2. How awesome!!!!
    Neat stuff....
  3. How Cute, I love stuff like that!!
  4. Really cute - love those pencils!
  5. So cute! Enjoy!
  6. That's so cute! It got me all warm inside. Ah, all the love!
  7. congrats!!! its all super cute!! I love Reece's too!!
  8. aww how cute!!
  9. It was very thoughtful of her...she got me a little of everything I love!
  10. What a great surprise!
  11. so cute and thoughtful!
  12. How fun! Love the little "iPod."
  13. awww thats great! congrats on everything and i'm glad she got you stuff that you loved.
  14. Don't you just love suprises? Everything is nice. Enjoy them.
  15. btw, make sure you repost this in the coach raok reveal sticky so that we have everyone's awesome surprises in one place! :idea: