Got invited to LV store cocktail event - do I go?

  1. I just got an invitation (which is fab by the way, the front looks like vernis) to a LV cocktail party/sale. Do I go? I really can't afford to buy anything too expensive right now, I was trying to save up to by the MC Rita or MC Ursula (haven't decided yet) and I just bought the BH Dentelle. Has anyone gone to one of these? Is it just a regular shopping experience where they serve champagne or something? Thanks!

    ETA: I guess I could always buy the mini lin speedy (which I've been eyeing) and wait a few more months for the MC bags, LOL!!!
  2. Heck yea!!! It's a great oppertunity to hob-nob with the SA's and check out some of the things your interested in. Have fun!!
  3. I say GO, you can check out new things.
    It sounds LUSH!
  4. I've never been to anything like that but I would say GO! I'm sure that not everyone who goes to the party will buy something, and maybe they'll show some exclusive new things, perhaps from the fall collection?? Have fun!
  5. Yeah you need to go!
  6. I would go!!! You don't have to buy anything just because You're invited!
  7. OMG i would be rushing to go to one of those events!!! You have to go! You dont need to buy anything, but im sure you will have a great time! xx
  8. Go!!don't let such a great opportunity go away,it must be fun!!
  9. you don't have to buy anything. just go for the experience and to hob-nob with other LV fanatics ;)
  10. I would definately go, you certainly don't have to buy anything. Just be very strong and enjoy a nice glass of champagne.
  11. Go and have a wonderful time. Now and then I get to meet another lovely LV fanatic to hob nob with!
  12. Go!
  13. You should definitely go, and don't worry if you don't buy anything. You'll regret it if you miss it.
  14. I went to one last week. It was fun. Lots of limited stuff. You should go. There were a lot of obviously wealthy people there and they didn't even buy anything if that makes you feel better.
  15. Me and Rebecca got the same invites! i will be there for sure! mine is may 8th!