Got a summer job at NORDSTROM!!!

  1. Yay :yahoo: I'll be working at the fine jewelry department. I wanted to work at the handbag department but there was no opening. :sad: I get 20% off everything, including sale items :graucho: Oh and ladies wanna know what the return policy is? There is no return policy! I'm sure most of you already know this. Customers are always right and we can't say no to a return. I must say I'm quite impressed in how we serve our customers.

    So excited :yes: Now, I can cross off some things on my wishlist :P
  2. Awesome! Congrats :smile:

    Is it difficult to get a summer job there? Do you have to have much experience?
  3. way cool! i'm sure you'll enjoy working there! :yes:
  4. Oh wow, congrats! I was going to get a summer job, but I couldn't do to some financial aid issues from my school! But I am so happy for you! You are going to shop like a madwomen I bet!
  5. congrats! This just reminds me that I had to quit my job because of school (and a little family stuff) so no money for me. =*(
  6. Congrats! What a great place to work, and 20% off everything is even better! Don't forget to post all of your new handbag purchases...;)
  7. yowza pursegal!!! that's amazing - congratulations to you!!!! wonder if your paychecks will be going straight back to Nordstrom's LOL!!!
  8. Congratulations !!! I hope you will be very happy there.:flowers:
  9. Congrats!!! I couldn't work there...I'd have no paycheck LOL! It would all be spent there!
  10. Congrats!! You hooking us up with any of your goodies huh? :graucho:
  11. Irissy just come on down :graucho:

    Spiralsnowman NOt really, I applied once before and never got a call back. This time I went to a job fair. Where you thinking of applying as well? If you are you should give it a shot and fill out an application online.

    Yup, all of my paycheck is going right back to Nordstrom. I'm going to purchase a few pairs of jeans, shoes, a Coach tote etc....
  12. Eileen, which Nordie's do you work at?! I want to come "visit"!!

    CONGRATS!!!! I miss my summer job :sad:
  13. I always wanted to work at Norstrom PT just for the discount. But then all my paychecks would also stayed there.
  14. I saw a job listing on Craigslist for Nordstrom's and I was going to apply. Do you know if they're still hiring? Do you work at the Nordstrom's in the San Francisco Shopping Center? I want the employee discount so much!

  15. Ditttooo!....I'd probably be their best customer, if I'm not already!
    Congratulations!! Maybe I can come by, we could have lunch and gossip :whistle: about the purse forum?! :amuse: