Got a Rafe Kate yesterday!

  1. So I'm totally new to tPF, and new to designer bags, too. I bought an EUC Rafe Kate in cognac from another mama on another bag board - she gave me an awesome deal - and I am totally in love with this bag!! I am so excited to own a bag that I did not buy from Target, LOL!! (sorry, I really am a designer bag virgin - is that a bad thing??). I think it will work perfectly as a toddler diaper bag as well as a handbag. Sooo excited and wanted to share. I am FAR from having a stash, but I'm happy with the beginning of my collection. Even my 18-month-old son loves it - he's been giving it kisses!!!

    Thanks for letting me share.


  2. Congrats! Post a pic please, would love to see.