Got a new laptop bag, Lexie Barnes...

  1. really cute & practical. Anyone ever heard of her? As I live in the awful OH area with disgusting weather, I need something that is protective of the elements. I would imagine the diaper bag would be popular, too. Just thought I'd share!

  2. Oh they're cute. I've been looking for a cute laptop bag for years and that might just fit the bill. Have you got any pics of the inside? I'm just going to measure my laptop to see if there's one that will fit my big beastie!
  3. IIRC, they're designed to fit the macbooks (& macbook pro), though I'd think any 13, 15, or 17" would fit in their respective size. Don't have a pic now--got my laptop over a month ago & still haven't hooked up my camera with it, yet :shame: (that's life with 2 small boys). I have the viona & the interior is the peachy-orange color.

  4. I have Lexie Barnes Darling that I use as a diaper bag and I love it! It's held up well, I've been using it for almost 2 years and it's taken a lot of abuse. She's got cute prints and I love that the bag is so light. Enjoy it!
  5. am still searching for a laptop bag and couldn't find one yet. I love juicy but didn't fit my laptop size.
  6. ^ I loved the juicy ones too..
    so i just bought it, even my laptop is too's just the juicy.hehe